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Tidy up xfce-bg.{c,h}

parent eb447b3d
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......@@ -81,88 +81,14 @@ typedef enum {
GType xfce_bg_get_type (void);
XfceBG * xfce_bg_new (void);
void xfce_bg_load_from_preferences (XfceBG *bg);
void xfce_bg_load_from_system_preferences (XfceBG *bg);
void xfce_bg_load_from_system_gsettings (XfceBG *bg,
GSettings *settings,
gboolean reset_apply);
void xfce_bg_load_from_gsettings (XfceBG *bg,
GSettings *settings);
void xfce_bg_save_to_preferences (XfceBG *bg);
void xfce_bg_save_to_gsettings (XfceBG *bg,
GSettings *settings);
/* Setters */
void xfce_bg_set_filename (XfceBG *bg,
const char *filename);
void xfce_bg_set_placement (XfceBG *bg,
XfceBGPlacement placement);
void xfce_bg_set_color (XfceBG *bg,
XfceBGColorType type,
GdkRGBA *primary,
GdkRGBA *secondary);
void xfce_bg_set_draw_background (XfceBG *bg,
gboolean draw_background);
/* Getters */
gboolean xfce_bg_get_draw_background (XfceBG *bg);
XfceBGPlacement xfce_bg_get_placement (XfceBG *bg);
void xfce_bg_get_color (XfceBG *bg,
XfceBGColorType *type,
GdkRGBA *primary,
GdkRGBA *secondary);
const gchar * xfce_bg_get_filename (XfceBG *bg);
/* Drawing and thumbnailing */
void xfce_bg_draw (XfceBG *bg,
GdkPixbuf *dest,
GdkScreen *screen,
gboolean is_root);
cairo_surface_t *xfce_bg_create_surface (XfceBG *bg,
GdkWindow *window,
int width,
int height,
gboolean root);
cairo_surface_t *xfce_bg_create_surface_scale (XfceBG *bg,
GdkWindow *window,
int width,
int height,
int scale,
gboolean root);
gboolean xfce_bg_get_image_size (XfceBG *bg,
XfceDesktopThumbnailFactory *factory,
int best_width,
int best_height,
int *width,
int *height);
GdkPixbuf * xfce_bg_create_thumbnail (XfceBG *bg,
XfceDesktopThumbnailFactory *factory,
GdkScreen *screen,
int dest_width,
int dest_height);
gboolean xfce_bg_is_dark (XfceBG *bg,
int dest_width,
int dest_height);
gboolean xfce_bg_has_multiple_sizes (XfceBG *bg);
gboolean xfce_bg_changes_with_time (XfceBG *bg);
GdkPixbuf * xfce_bg_create_frame_thumbnail (XfceBG *bg,
XfceDesktopThumbnailFactory *factory,
GdkScreen *screen,
int dest_width,
int dest_height,
int frame_num);
/* Set a surface as root - not a XfceBG method. At some point
* if we decide to stabilize the API then we may want to make
* these object methods, drop xfce_bg_create_surface, etc.
void xfce_bg_set_surface_as_root (GdkScreen *screen,
cairo_surface_t *surface);
XfceBGCrossfade *xfce_bg_set_surface_as_root_with_crossfade (GdkScreen *screen,
cairo_surface_t *surface);
cairo_surface_t *xfce_bg_get_surface_from_root (GdkScreen *screen);
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