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    * New Features
      - Add support for saving xfce4-whiskermenu's configuration file
      - Prefer CSD in XfceTitledDialog
      - Use XfceTitledDialog from libxfce4ui
      - Use Xfce's about dialog via libxfce4ui
      - Add new icons and use reverse DNS for icons and files
      - Open xfce4-panel on close button (bug #16505)
    * General
      - Add new over old README
      - Try the new and old libxfce4ui gir file name
      - Add basic GitLab pipeline
      - Make tarball creation reproducible
    * Bugs Fixed
      - Update openSUSE profile and fix build
      - Removed check for if the menu is installed. This would probably
	get in the way.
      - Use current branch in 'make distcheck'
      - Use configured appname instead of argv[0]
      - Fix typos in comments.
    * Updated translations: Albanian, Armenian (Armenia), Belarusian,
      Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech,
      Eastern Armenian, Estonian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian,
      Interlingue, Persian (Iran), Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish,