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- Properly validate markup
- Update glade file to remove use of deprecated properties
- Support the 'action-icons' hint
- Add support for notification sounds
- Clean up notification ID storage
- Revert "Remove body-hyperlinks from GetCapabilities"
- Remove body-hyperlinks from GetCapabilities
- Return replaces_id if provided
- Remove xfconf prop name define duplication
- Add ability to disallow certain apps to send critical notifications
- Add a context menu that allows individual known application deletion
- Fix a slide-out loop when the mouse pointer is in the way
- Add option to hide panel button when no unread notifications
- Remove more pre-GTK-3.22 guards
- Bump GTK minimum to 2.22 and remove/ifdef X11-isms
- Support Wayland
- Don't set a nonsensical icon name
- Clean up xfce_notify_window_set_icon_pixbuf()
- xfce_notify_window_set_icon_pixbuf() shouldn't take ownership
- Move urgency hint fetch inside check for correct type
- DRY up the configuration handling
- Add pref to show summary & body with gauge values
- Update glade file to latest version
- settings: Disable single click to mute apps (Fixes #5)
- Do not treat zero expiration time as urgent
- Add compile_flags.txt generation
- Fix incorrect icon name for preview notification
- Fix blurry icons when UI scale factor > 1
- build: Let xdt-depends.m4 macros set GLib macros
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese (China), Dutch, French, German, Greek,
  Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese,
  Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish