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- Implement sorting by file type (Bug #12749)
- Detect image type by its mime type instead of file extension
  (ligmagic is used) (Bugs #11680, 12499)
- Allow images to be flipped vertically and horizontally (Bug #13313)
- Fix memory leaks

* Translation updates:
  Catalan (ca), Czech (cs), Danish (da), Deutsch (de), English (Australia)
  (en_AU), Spanish (es), French (fr), Hebrew (he), Croatian (hr), Italian (it),
  Japanese (ja), Kazakh (kk), Korean (ko), Lithuanian (lt), Malay (ms),
  Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Portuguese (Brazilian)
  (pt_BR), Russian (ru), Slovak (sk), Swedish (sv), Ukrainian (uk), Chinese
  (China) (zh_CN), Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW).