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- Fix file permissions for ristretto.png
- Port to GTK3
- Resolve or suppress deprecation warnings
- Add icons to "Close", "Cancel", "Apply", "OK" buttons
- Resolve "GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent" for set wallpaper
- Fix the ristretto icon loading size (128, not 256)
- Fix sensitivity of flip menu
- Add more separators to the menus
- Make Preferences dialog prettier
- Make the privacy dialog prettier
- Support for setting background image for both gtk2 and gtk3 versions of
  xfdesktop (bug #14571)
- configure: print build configuration

* Translation updates:
  Belarusian (be), Danish (da), German (de), Spanish (es), Basque (eu),
  Finnish (fi), Hungarian (hu), Armenian (Armenia) (hy_AM), Italian (it),
  Kazakh (kk), Lithuanian (lt), Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Polish (pl),
  Portuguese (pt), Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR), Russian (ru), Turkish (tr),
  Chinese (China) (zh_CN), Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW)