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    * parole-gst.c Implement a timeout handler to check state change · 8e2554a6
    Ali Abdallah authored
    	failure, can potentially happen on live streams.
    	* Change the about dialog.
    	* Change the version from 0.1 to 0.1.90 as the first stable
    	version should be 0.2
    	* parole-disc.c code to correctly checks if cd drive has a cdda,
    	this is a Linux specific thing.
    	* parole-gst.c the buffering bit when we force a stop state while
    	stream is buffering.
    	* parole-openlocation.c button to clear history of open locations.
    	* plugins/ Added a simple window title plugin to change
    	the title of the main window to the current playing stream.
    	* Set All the popup pos to be always center on parent.
    	* parole-plugin.c get rid of some useless code+properly
    	free the plugin data in finalize.
    	* parole-module.c fix a small memory leak.
    	* parole.h Support for site in the description of the plugin.
    	* parole-statusbar.c hide the separator when going to 
    	fullscreen mode.
    	* Update the POTFILES.in and the .pot files.
    (Old svn revision: 7893)
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