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Improve encoding management

Closes #42 (closed).

This MR can be considered as a follow-up to !33 (merged). I thought I would take care of it sooner, but in the end, it is better to do it after !64 (merged) (in particular).

Preliminary commits:

  • Improve and clarify unicode BOM management.
  • Clarify encoding management when opening files.
  • Encodings definition review.
  • Make encoding dialog more generic and self-contained.

Main commits:

  • Add a command line option to choose encoding to be used to open files (with an associated option to list possible choices).
  • Allow to choose encoding to be used to open files in the "Open" dialog as well (an empty combo box already existed), and to save file in the "Save As" dialog (#42 (closed)).
  • Make the default encoding configurable via GSettings.
  • Display the current encoding in the status bar.
Edited by Gaël Bonithon

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