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Create shared filetype lists for searching and filtering

newhoa requested to merge newhoa/catfish:issue-83-expand-documents-filter into master

@bluesabre, please let me know if there's a better way to go about this, if the file list should go somewhere else, if the imports are okay (import in both Window and SearchEngine?), or if this should be done in some different way. Thanks!

This creates a shared filetype list that both the Document filetype filter, and fulltext search can use. This way they stay in sync with any additions or changes.

The "text" list is used for both Documents filter and fulltext search (this is a list of text-searchable file mimetypes), and the "document" list is used for only the Document filter as these are text documents that are technically binary (pdf, docx, etc) and while they may only be searched using fulltext in some cases, they should always show when filtering documents.

Fixes #83 (closed)

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