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   - Use tre-view toplevel path of the cursor, if available, in order to
   prevent jumping (Bug #16024)
   - Increase vertical gap between icon and its label slightly (Bug #16041)
   - Fix crash when inserting USB device in tree-view  mode. (Bug #15172)
   - Fix jump to Home when ejecting a currently viewed device (Bug #16504)
   - Allow context menu when editing location in pathbar (Bug #16483)
   - Sort device entries in tree view (Bug #16471)
   - Allow to open multiple files at once (Bug #2487)
   - Fix incorrect pathbar autocomplete (Bug #16267)
   - Avoid unreadable names in detailed view (Bug #16391)
   - Prevent crash when renaming files (Bug #10805)
- Translation Updates:
  Belarusian, Croatian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Kazakh,
  Malay, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil),