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  • xfce-4.6alpha protected   create tag: xfce-4.6alpha
    e279a217 · re-tag the alpha ·
  • xfce-4.6beta1 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6beta1
    cfcee6d6 · bump dependency versions ·
  • xfce-4.6beta2 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6beta2
  • xfce-4.6beta3 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6beta3
  • xfce-4.6rc1 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6rc1
    9aa0aab3 · Update ChangeLog. ·
  • xfce-4.6.0 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6.0
    191a204f · update changelog ·
  • xfce-4.6.1 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6.1
    096f6bee · Update ChangeLog ·
  • xfce-4.6.2 protected   Tag xfce4-settings 4.6.2
    047efcc9 · Update version number ·
  • xfce-4.6.3 protected   Tag xfce4-settings 4.6.3 4.6.2 is a broken tag
    e1aa26d2 · Update version number ·
  • xfce-4.6.4 protected   4.6.4 ===== - Fix /Net/CursorBlinkTime property typo (bug #5488). - Improve error handling when setting the button map (part of bug #5004). - Fix the check for Xi so it does not fail with Xi2 (bug #4929). - Translation updates (ru, ja). - Some build changes to make it suitable for releasing from GIT.
    52cc803e · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce-4.6.5 protected   4.6.5 ===== - Port to libxklavier 5.0 API. - Fix linking issues (bug #6236). - Translation updates (pt, nl, it, am, kk, hu).
    e5d6c6d4 · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce-4.14pre1 protected   This release is part of the Xfce 4.14 pre1 platform release. For an overview of Xfce 4.14 pre1 please visit: https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.14/xfce_4.14pre1
    7b7ae352 · Updates for release ·
  • xfce-4.14pre2 protected   This release is part of the Xfce 4.14 pre2 platform release. For an overview of Xfce 4.14 pre2 please visit: https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.14/xfce_4.14pre2
    e74f0edc · Updates for release ·
  • xfce-4.14pre3 protected   This release is part of the Xfce 4.14 pre3 platform release. For an overview of Xfce 4.14 pre3 please visit: https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.14/xfce_4.14pre3
    4e567239 · Updates for release ·
  • xfce-4.14.0 protected   This release is part of the Xfce 4.14 platform release. For a complete changelog please visit: https://xfce.org/download/changelogs/4.14
    a60f610f · Updates for release ·
  • xfce-4.16pre1 protected   This release is part of the Xfce 4.16pre1 platform release. For an overview of Xfce 4.16pre1 please visit: https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadmap/xfce_4.16pre1
    ad607034 · Updates for release ·
  • xfce-4.16pre2 protected   This release is part of the Xfce 4.16pre2 platform release. For an overview of Xfce 4.16pre2 please visit: https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadmap/xfce_4.16pre2
    4210d9c6 · Updates for release ·
  • xfce4-settings-4.7.0 protected   4.7.0 ===== - Add clipboard manager to xfce4-settings-helper (bug #4333). - Port to libxfce4ui. - Port to exo 0.5. - Use new XDT macros, required xfce-dev-tools 4.7.2.
    6c895966 · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-settings-4.7.1 protected   4.7.1 ===== - Fix possible crash in the clipboard manager (bug #6125). - Allow the user to edit, reset and create properties using xfce4-settings-editor. - Allow the user to reset channels in xfce4-settings-editor. - Edit properties when doubled-clicked in xfce4-settings-editor. - Revert properties when DEL is pressed in xfce4-settings-editor. - Plug some leaks in xfce4-settings-editor. - Do not draw a gradient on xfce4-settings-editor's toolbar. - Respect HIG in xfce4-settings-editor's dialogs. - Remember the geometry of xfce4-settings-editor's window. - Monitor the existing properties in xfce4-settings-editor. - Translation updates (pt, gl, ja, nl, zh_CN, da, cs).
    88a387b0 · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-settings-4.7.2 protected   4.7.2 ===== - Rework the randr support in xfce4-settings, this requires randr 1.2 or higher. - Add a minimal dialog for quick display setup (--minimal, -m). - Port to libxklavier 5.0 API. - Be consistent in the check for exo-1. - Require the correct version of xi and inputproto (bug #6033). - Fix the old shortcut duplicate after editing a command. - Set value after setting the range and digits. - Don't save settings dialogs when saving session (bug #5113). - Release the current editor channel on exit. - Allow resizing of the edit property dialogs. - Fix linking issues (bug #6236). - Fix pluggable dialogs (bug #6138). - Change the way workspace names are handled. - Remove deprecated encoding key from desktop files. - Make the display settings dialog pluggable (bug #6524). - Speedup startup of the keyboard settings dialog (bug #6661). - Translation updates (fi, ca, lv, sk, ru, es, el, it, pt_BR, eu, de, uk, si, kk, is, tr, hr, id, zh_TW, fr, da, pt).
    ff0d062e · Updates for release. ·