Commit 685dcbdd authored by Simon Steinbeiss's avatar Simon Steinbeiss
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appearance: Only show themes that support Gtk3 (Bug #15849)

parent db3ca3c4
......@@ -570,7 +570,7 @@ appearance_settings_load_ui_themes (preview_data *pd)
gtkcss_filename = g_build_filename (ui_theme_dirs[i], file, "gtk-3.0", "gtk.css", NULL);
/* Check if the gtkrc file exists and the theme is not already in the list */
if (g_file_test (gtkrc_filename, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)
if (g_file_test (gtkcss_filename, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)
&& g_slist_find_custom (check_list, file, (GCompareFunc) g_utf8_collate) == NULL)
/* Insert the theme in the check list */
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