Commit 683822cd authored by Dwight Engen's avatar Dwight Engen Committed by Sean Davis

Fix color scheme preview on low bit depth displays (Xfce #12223)

Signed-off-by: Sean Davis's avatarSean Davis <>
parent cd1ef4dc
......@@ -460,7 +460,8 @@ theme_create_preview (GdkColor *colors)
gint width = 44;
gint height = 22;
drawable = gdk_pixmap_new (NULL, width, height, 24);
drawable = gdk_pixmap_new (gdk_get_default_root_window(), width, height,
gdk_drawable_get_depth (gdk_get_default_root_window ()));
cr = gdk_cairo_create (drawable);
cairo_set_operator (cr, CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE);
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