Commit 0fdeac48 authored by Simon Steinbeiss's avatar Simon Steinbeiss
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appearance: Fix list refresh on DnD (Fixes #213)

parent 593167b2
......@@ -934,6 +934,11 @@ cb_theme_uri_dropped (GtkWidget *widget,
object = gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "gtk_theme_treeview");
model = gtk_tree_view_get_model (GTK_TREE_VIEW (object));
gtk_list_store_clear (GTK_LIST_STORE (model));
pd = preview_data_new (GTK_LIST_STORE (model), GTK_TREE_VIEW (object));
g_idle_add_full (G_PRIORITY_HIGH_IDLE,
(GSourceFunc) appearance_settings_load_ui_themes,
(GDestroyNotify) preview_data_free);
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