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  • xfce4-session-4.10.0 protected   4.10.0 ====== - Remove remaining code to shutdown gconf. - Skip gpg/ssh-agent if GNOME compat is enabled and gnome-keyring found. - Replace mkdirhier with mkdir (bug #8776). - Translation updates: Spanish (Castilian), Galician, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan).
    3692e767 · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.9.2 protected   4.9.2 ===== - Make the buttons sensitive when using sudo (bug #8708). - Restore ssh and gpg agent starting (bug #7018). - Translation updates: Czech, German, English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Polish, Russian.
  • xfce4-session-4.9.1 protected   4.9.1 ===== - Fix return value of CanSuspend and CanHibernate. - Make common no-reply error more subtile. - Bump package dependency versions. - Remove deprecated or unused code from xinit. - Use macro to search for sed. - Fallback to old method for shutdown (bug #8630). - Improve xflock4 script (bug #3770). - Drop the sync code because it can segfault on ext2 (bug #7887). - Always escape name and comment in dialog. - Translation updates: Catalan (Valencian), Danish, German, Greek, Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (China).
    c1279037 · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.9.0 protected   4.9.0 ===== - Add accelerators to logout dialog buttons (bug #6982). - Add support for starting assistive technologies. - Remove optional dependency for gconf. - Remove Xfce4-tips. - Remove early xfsettingsd autostart and add it to the session. - Fix crash if save timeout for a client is triggered (bug #7320). - Add a way to delete sessions (Bug #5730). - Drop usage of G_CONST_RETURN macro. - Add Xft.xrdb, startxfce4, xinit, xfce.desktop and xflock4 files from xfce-utils. - Explicitly link to libm where needed (bug #7953). - Remove the xfce4-panel logout menu plugin. - Don't try to remove the $HOME directory (bug #8154). - Remove manual and link to docs.xfce.org. - Show dialog in settings category. - Link to gmodule (bug #8340). - Improve fadeout code with compositing enabled. - Start screensaver with autostart. - Support the TryExec key for autostart in the settings dialog. - Rework the logout dialog code. - Cleanup the power management code. - Let xfce4-session handle the dbus-launch checking. - Add support for launching xfce4-session in consolekit. - Add --with-ck-launch support to startxfce4. - Add option to lock the screen on suspend/hibernate. - Remove unused icons. - Show all applications in autostart (bug #8014). - Drop gpg-agent and ssh-agent handling. - Translation updates: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan (Valencian), Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan).
    362ceffe · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.8.3 protected   4.8.3 ===== - Link to gmodule (bug #8340). - Updated translations: bg, ca, fi, is, nl, nn, sq, te, zh_CN, pt_BR, hr.
    b5674aec · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.8.2 protected   4.8.2 ===== - Fix crash if save timeout for a client is triggered (bug #7320). - Fix configuration location in manpage (bug #7371). - Fix GDM_LANG usage to be compatible with GDM3 (bug #7400). - Drop usage of G_CONST_RETURN macro. - Don't exit the session on dbus restarts. - Start KDE4 services instead of KDE3. - Reduce size of splash engines. - Remove the nopreview image. - Add Greek manual screenshots. - On installation create relative paths in symlinks to images - Only perform hostname checks when TCP connections are enabled. - Updated translations: Spanish (Castilian), Malay, Russian, Korean, Slovak, Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch (Flemish), Kurkish, Romanian, Italian.
    ed089e5a · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.8.1 protected   4.8.1 released!
    b07d9389 · Release 4.8.1! ·
  • xfce4-session-4.8.0 protected   4.8.0 ===== - Add main category to desktop file. - Updated translations: Polish, Romanian, French, Arabic.
    d036cc2e · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.7.3 protected   4.7.3 ===== - Fix missing include. - Do not register to menu else the panel never hides (bug #7020). - Fix xfce4-session-logout --halt and --reboot (bug #5032). - Translation updates (nb, cs, en_GB, sv, hr, pt).
    916cf8fc · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.7.2 protected   4.7.2 ===== - Do not try "unix-session" authorization with PolicyKit as this seems to be either broken or not implemented in PolicyKit (bug #6817). This fixes suspend/hibernate in xfce4-session-logout. - Fix possibly shadowed variables. - Fix compilation on FreeBSD with polkit (bug #6870). - Restore splash screen functionality (bug #6831). - Fix logout with sudo. - Translation updates (de, pt_BR, zh_CN, el, uk, it, id, ja, kk, pt).
    ea18af99 · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.7.1 protected   4.7.1 ===== - Add support for new gnome-keyring (bugs #5912, #5137 and #6073). - Fix typo in xflock4 error message. - Don't use consolekit when it's not enabled. - Remove consolekit session creation in xfce4-session. - Use cairo to draw the fadeout. - Remove obsolote gtk_tooltip_* calls and other < gtk 2.14 code. - Fix the check for legacy sm. - Fix configure build options. - Print build config after running configure. - Various code cleanups. - Translation updates (it, ug, gl, zh_TW, de, ru, ja, sv, fi, kk, pt, da, ca, eu, hu).
    eaa3a4e1 · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce4-session-4.7.0 protected   4.7.0 ===== - Query HAL to be sure suspend and hibernate are supported. If not, don't even show the buttons (bug #4952). - Allow xfce4-tips to work when 'fortune' is not installed (bug #2871). - Allow clients to set arbitrary custom SM properties. - Support _GSM_DesktopFile and use it in the settings dialog to display an icon and localized app name if available. - Add timing information to verbose. - Allow xfce4-tips to work properly without 'fortune' installed (bug #2871). - Add org.freedesktop.PowerManagement support for logout actions. - Add panel plugin that lists shutdown/logout actions. - Huge refactoring of how SM properties are handled. - Display richer information if the SM knows the client's .desktop file. - If it looks like the helper got killed, just return success (bug #4849). - Fix crash when properties are freed in failure handler (bug #5797). - Port code to libxfce4ui and drop deprecated Gtk code. - Fix error when running --help or --version (bug #6169). - Fix changing the restart style (bug #5768). - Add some additional checks for bug #5233. - Allow slashes in the application name (bug #3995). - Handle OnlyShowIn GNOME or KDE when compat is set. - Don't save settings dialogs when saving session (Bug #5113). - A lot of compiler warnings got fixed and build improvements. - Use ConsoleKit for shutdown and restart. - Use Upower for suspend and hibernate. - Use gtk_init_with_args in xfce4-session-logout. - Add a desktop file for xfce4-session-logout. - Don't write the deprecated encoding key to desktop files. - Remove deprecated encoding key from desktop files. - Move $libexecdir files to $libdir. - Move splash engines to $lidir/xfce4/session/splash-engines. - Generate documentation during dist check. - Translation updates (gl, ro, lv, it, ur_PK, zh_CN, hu, ast, da, po, ja, kk, eu, ca, cs, el, ru, sk, es, tr, lv, sq, fi, pt_BR, de, uk, bn, zh_TW).
    9fe84faa · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce-4.6.2 protected   4.6.2 ===== - Build fixes for GIT. - Add timing information to verbose output. - If it looks like the helper got killed, just return success (bug #4849). - Translation updates (de, es, gl, hu, id, pl, pt, ru, tr, uk, ro, lv, ur, ur_PK, ast, sk, nl, it, kk).
    d153108f · Updates for release. ·
  • xfce-4.6.1 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6.1
  • xfce-4.6.0 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6.0
    16af6a54 · Tag xfce 4.6.0 ·
  • xfce-4.6rc1 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6rc1
  • xfce-4.6beta3 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6beta3
    7a54b4a4 · Bump version number ·
  • xfce-4.6beta2 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6beta2
    bafbff3c · Fix typo in changelog ·
  • xfce-4.4.3 protected   create tag: xfce-4.4.3
    e10c1034 · Update for 4.4.3 release ·
  • xfce-4.6beta1 protected   create tag: xfce-4.6beta1