Commit ec016b69 authored by Theo Linkspfeifer's avatar Theo Linkspfeifer 💬 Committed by Romain Bouvier
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Silence runtime warning (Bug #15731)

parent d3c2c37c
......@@ -847,7 +847,8 @@ xfsm_client_dbus_get_sm_properties (XfsmDbusClient *object,
GValue *value = g_tree_lookup (properties->sm_properties, arg_names[i]);
builder_add_value (&out_properties, arg_names[i], value);
if (value != NULL)
builder_add_value (&out_properties, arg_names[i], value);
xfsm_dbus_client_complete_get_all_sm_properties (object, invocation, g_variant_builder_end (&out_properties));
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