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xfce-build: Add Xfce 4.14 image

parent c62f6bec
FROM ubuntu:focal
MAINTAINER Xfce Development Team
ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive
# Enable source repositories
RUN sed -Ei 's/^# deb-src /deb-src /' /etc/apt/sources.list
# Set up dependencies for the "xfce" and "app" groups
RUN apt-get update \
&& apt-get -y --no-install-recommends install git libglib2.0-bin build-essential libgtk-3-dev gtk-doc-tools libx11-dev libglib2.0-dev libwnck-3-dev intltool liburi-perl x11-xserver-utils libvte-2.91-dev dbus-x11 cmake libsoup2.4-dev libpcre2-dev libgtksourceview-3.0-dev libgtksourceview-4-dev libtag1-dev xvfb libgtk2.0-dev \
&& apt-get -y --no-install-recommends install gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0 libgstreamer-gl1.0-0 libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0 libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev libgstreamer1.0-0 libgstreamer1.0-dev \
python3-distutils-extra python3-dev python-gi-dev libxss-dev libindicator3-dev libxmu-dev libburn-dev libisofs-dev libpulse-dev libkeybinder-3.0-dev libmpd-dev valac libvala-0.48-dev gobject-introspection libgirepository1.0-dev librsvg2-dev libtagc0-dev libdbusmenu-gtk3-dev libgtop2-dev libtool libnotify-dev libxklavier-dev libexif-dev libgudev-1.0-dev libupower-glib-dev libclutter-1.0-dev \
&& rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
# Build and install the latest tag for all Xfce core libraries
RUN mkdir /git
COPY ci/ /git/
RUN chmod a+x /git/
RUN /git/
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail
: ${libdir:="/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu"}
: ${libexecdir:="/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu"}
# list of git repos in build order
for URL in ${REPOS}; do
NAME=$(basename $URL .git)
cd /git
git clone $URL
cd $NAME
git checkout $RELEASE
TAG=$(git describe --abbrev=0 --match "$NAME*" 2>/dev/null)
echo "--- Building $NAME ($TAG) ---"
git checkout -b build-$TAG $TAG
make -j${NPROC:-$(nproc)}
make install
echo "$(pwd): $(git describe)" >> /tmp/xfce_build_version_info.txt
# Retain HTML docs in /docs
if [[ -d "$(pwd)/docs" ]]; then
HTMLPATH=$(find "$(pwd)/docs" -name html)
if [[ ! -z "$HTMLPATH" ]]; then
mkdir -p "/docs/$NAME"
cp -a "$HTMLPATH/." "/docs/$NAME"
# cleanup
rm -rf /git/*
mv /tmp/xfce_build_version_info.txt /git/
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