1. 24 Feb, 2012 1 commit
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  4. 25 Dec, 2011 2 commits
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      Move all reorder DND into ThunarShortcutGroup. Add group context menu. · d82316d6
      Jannis Pohlmann authored
      The group context menu lists all shortcuts and allows their visibility
      to be toggled. In the future the visibility of all shortcuts will be
      remembered so that users can hide items permanently.
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      Continue reordering via DND. It sort of works but is unfinished. · 5d320f84
      Jannis Pohlmann authored
      We should probably drop the GtkVBox for the shortcuts in a
      ThunarShortcutGroup and just implement the layout mechanism inside the
      group. That would allow us to fake the empty spot indicator instead of
      using a real GtkImage widget. The empty spot indicator is cool as it
      delivers a feeling of direct manipulation. However, using a real widget
      causes a mix of ThunarShortcut and GtkImage widgets inside the vertical
      box of the group, which is kind of ugly. We should just render the
      indicator but not use a real widget.
      Other than that, reordering via DND works now. Shortcuts only
      temporarily remain in their new positions until the ThunarShortcutsView
      is destroyed. Windows are out of sync.
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      Squashme: Initial work on getting rid of ThunarShortcutsModel. · 98bd4653
      Jannis Pohlmann authored
      This commit is the first in a series of changes that merge
      ThunarShortcut and ThunarShortcutRow into a single widget. A new widget
      ThunarShortcutGroup is added to represent the devices, places and
      network shortcut categories and manage the individual ThunarShortcut
      widgets added for each shortcut. All in all, this will help in getting
      rid of code duplication, synchronization of asynchronously resolved file
      information etc.
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