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      Right mouse click will not display icons for custom actions. · 0f6cc96a
      Jehan authored
      (Bug #14685)
      g_icon_to_string() is not meant to return an icon name, it returns a
      "textual representation of the icon", which is mostly "proprietary to
      GIcon" (in GIO documentation's own words).
      In particular the reverse function to get a GIcon back from this
      representation is g_icon_new_for_string().
      The reason why it used to work was because of a special casing (which
      happens to be the most common case: when you create an icon with a
      single name); yet even if the most common, relying on special cases is a
      bad idea. The special case is about to be reinstated in GLib so it will
      work again as expected, yet only until the next time a widget uses a not
      special-cased GIcon, for instance if using fallback icons. It is better
      to really fix the code.
      Now the menu properly recreates the icon using g_icon_new_for_string(),
      not assuming what type of icons it was (it could be an icon name, a
      path, a list of icon names, or whatever else proprietary representation
      any type of icon may use now or in the future).
      Also update the doc of thunarx_menu_item_new() to explicitly states that
      the icon parameter is a textual representation as returned by
      g_icon_to_string(). In particular this won't break any plug-ins as
      single icon names and icon paths are proper representations for icons
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      I18n: Update translation he (100%). · fc6f7137
      Elishai Eliyahu authored
      758 translated messages.
      Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/xfce/public/).
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