1. 05 May, 2015 4 commits
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      I18n: Update translation de (100%). · c329b747
      Harald Judt authored
      738 translated messages.
      Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/xfce/).
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      Fix unescaping of local paths in path entry (bug #8190) · bfa875b6
      Harald Judt authored
      Unfortunately, the previous commit did not work correctly for local paths
      in all cases. This commit fixes this by distinguishing between local paths
      and URIs.
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      Fix escaping and unescaping URI in path entry (bug #8910) · a66687ac
      Harald Judt authored
      Escaping the URI in thunar_path_entry_changed is necessary for correctly
      loading the corresponding ThunarFile for the GFile.
      This solves bug #8910 where the problem stems from URI unescaping,
      resulting in the unescaped text being NULL. This is handled by the
      second part of the patch, which falls back to the unescaped text.
      Without this commit, directories containing characters like "%", e.g
      "test%folder", can be opened but
      1) on remote locations the icon in the toolbar location selector will
         show an error indicating there is something wrong,
      2) while on local filesystems only the parent path will be shown in
         the path entry.
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      Let the tree view keep the focus when clicking on an item (bug #11863) · 3ad690a7
      Harald Judt authored
      When clicking on a tree view item, the main view will open it and thus
      grab the focus. This focus change may be a bit unexpected to the user,
      but trivial to fix, so make the tree view keep the focus after such a
      button click.
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      Fix removal of a directory wrongly affecting the current tab (bug #10981) · 3b4b952e
      Harald Judt authored
      This fixes the following bug:
      1) Create two directories (a and b).
      2) Open them in tabs in a thunar window.
      3) Switch to the tab currently showing a and delete b from a terminal.
      Expected behaviour:
      Inactive tab showing b will switch to the parent directory.
      Active tab showing a will be unaffected.
      Actual behaviour:
      Inactive tab showing b will switch to the parent directory.
      Active tab showing a will not change the directory.
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      Keep the scroll position when restoring the file selection · bc135118
      Harald Judt authored
      Instead of trying to keep the selected files in view when rows get
      reordered, leave the scroll position unchanged. Otherwise, the user
      might not be able to select files easily.
      By setting fix lower/upper limits for the scrolled window alignments
      we make sure that the view does not flicker because the position
      would change twice.
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      Restore selection only when rows-reordered signal is received (bug #11855) · 8ed38783
      Harald Judt authored
      Commit 4d19f45f "Restore selection on row changes too (bug #9886)"
      forced the file selection to be restored on row changes, which has the
      negative side effect that the view will also scroll to the selected
      file(s) whenever such a change happens, e.g. when thumbnailing finishes.
      The better fix is to listen to the rows-reordered signal which no view
      listens to at the moment. This commit implements this.
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      Improve drag & drop and selecting in the details view (bug #11605) · bb9fe8ad
      Harald Judt authored
      When using the left mouse button, clicking on the first column of an item
      will select it or initiate dragging, but rubber banding is deactivated.
      For the other columns, only rubber banding will be possible and dragging
      be disabled.
      When using the right mouse button, clicking on the first column of an
      item will always select it and pop up the context menu of the item.
      Clicking on another column of an unselected item will unselect all
      items and show the menu of the folder, while clicking on another
      column of a selected item will show the context menu for that item
      (or those items).
      An extensive explanation has been added to the thunar docs in the wiki:
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