1. 07 Feb, 2006 2 commits
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      2006-02-07 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 226bc36f
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-cleaner.c: Also cleanup the defaults.list
      	  file, replacing previously merged desktop-ids and dropping references
      	  to no longer existing .desktop files.
      (Old svn revision: 19773)
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      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 538041fe
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-cleaner.c, thunar-vfs/Makefile.am,
      	  configure.in.in: Add a simple utility program thunar-vfs-mime-cleaner,
      	  which cleans up the user's $XDG_DATA_HOME/applications directory and
      	  removes all automatically generated .desktop files (either generated
      	  by Thunar or Nautilus) whose associated program is no longer installed
      	  on the user's system. In addition, it tries to combine duplicated
      	  .desktop whose Exec values are equal to further the reduce the
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-database.c: Invoke thunar-vfs-mime-cleaner
      	  every five minutes.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs.symbols, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-*.h: Add
      	  G_GNUC_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT to all methods, whose return value should
      	  never be ignored. This should help to avoid memory leaks in the
      (Old svn revision: 19772)
  2. 06 Feb, 2006 8 commits
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      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 349a5c74
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-chmod-job.c, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-chown-job.c,
      	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-listdir-job.c, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-scandir.c,
      	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-scandir.h, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-transfer-job.c,
      	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-unlink-job.c: The directory scanning is now
      	  cancelable. Bug #1239.
      	* thunar/thunar-icon-factory.c: Properly reload/regenerate thumbnails
      	  when image files are changed. Bug #1435.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-application.c
      	  (thunar_vfs_mime_application_new_from_file): Check TryExec (or Exec)
      	  first prior to allocating a ThunarVfsMimeApplication for a .desktop
      	  file, whose associated program cannot be run. Bug #1436.
      (Old svn revision: 19771)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · c1aacb9d
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.c: Autoscroll while dragging to a
      	  ThunarStandardView widget. Bug #1304.
      (Old svn revision: 19770)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 52714f60
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-templates-action.c: Use "show" instead of "map" to
      	  create the Templates menu, to make sure the menu position is
      	  determined properly.
      	* README, configure.in.in, thunar/thunar-icon-view.c: Use cairo only
      	  with Gtk+ >= 2.7.1.
      	* thunar/thunar-shortcuts-view.c(thunar_shortcuts_view_init): Display
      	  typeahead search for the shortcuts view.
      (Old svn revision: 19769)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · ed5bef9a
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-transfer-job.c(thunar_vfs_transfer_job_execute):
      	  Try to use g_rename() first when moving files, and only fallback to
      	  copy&delete if either the target exists (which requires user inter-
      	  action to resolve the issue) or the rename didn't work, i.e. source
      	  and target are not on the same filesystem. Bug #1229.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-volume.{c,h}: Add thunar_vfs_volume_is_disc()
      	  to allow applications to decide whether to eject or unmount a
      	* thunar/thunar-shortcuts-view.c
      	  (thunar_shortcuts_view_button_press_event): Use the newly added method
      	  thunar_vfs_volume_is_disc() to determine whether to display Eject or
      	* thunar/thunar-side-pane.{c,h}: Derive ThunarSidePane from
      	  ThunarComponent instead of ThunarNavigator.
      	* thunar/thunar-launcher.c, thunar/thunar-standard-view.c,
      	  thunar/thunar-window.c: Use the class name as name for the action
      	* thunar/thunar-shortcuts-pane-ui.xml, thunar/thunar-shortcuts-pane.c,
      	  thunar/thunar-window.c, thunar/thunar-window-ui.xml,
      	  thunar/Makefile.am: Add new action to add a folder (or a list of
      	  folders, depending on the selection content) to the shortcuts pane.
      	  Bug #1397.
      	* thunar/thunar-throbber.c, thunar/thunar-throbber-fallback.{h,png},
      	  thunar/Makefile.am: Use the "process-working" icon for the throbber,
      	  as specified by the Icon Naming Specification, with an internal
      	  fallback to a modified version of the Tango "process-working" icon.
      	* configure.in.in, icons/Makefile.am, icons/scalable/,
      	  icons/16x16/Thunar.png, icons/16x16/Thunar.png,
      	  icons/24x24/Thunar.png, icons/48x48/Thunar.png: Revert to the previous
      	  Thunar icon.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
      (Old svn revision: 19768)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · dedd908c
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-properties-dialog.c(thunar_properties_dialog_update):
      	  Use G_GINT64_FORMAT instead of "lld" as format for the file size.
      (Old svn revision: 19759)
    • Daichi Kawahata's avatar
      Fixed an error. · 9f491c61
      Daichi Kawahata authored
      (Old svn revision: 19753)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 70712b51
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* Thunar.desktop.in: Add "GTK" to the Categories.
      (Old svn revision: 19752)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-06 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 538e30de
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-path-entry.c: Make sure to catch the tab key even for
      	  the ThunarLocationEntry case. This doesn't work if the completion list
      	  is visible, tho (Gtk+ bug/limitation). Bug #1346.
      (Old svn revision: 19751)
  3. 05 Feb, 2006 1 commit
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-05 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 3dbb6969
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-chooser-dialog.{c,h}: Add a new convenience function
      	* thunar/thunar-launcher.c(thunar_launcher_open_files),
      	  thunar/thunar-file.c(thunar_file_launch): Use the new function
      	  thunar_show_chooser_dialog() here.
      	* thunar/thunar-gtk-extensions.{c,h}: Add a new convenience function
      	  thunar_gtk_ui_manager_get_action_by_name(), which is unfortunately
      	  missing from GtkUIManager.
      	* thunar/thunar-details-view.c, thunar/thunar-icon-view.c: Use
      	  thunar_gtk_ui_manager_get_action_by_name() to locate the launcher
      	  actions in the UI manager.
      	* thunar/thunar-file.{c,h}: Add a new convenience function
      	  thunar_file_list_get_applications(), which can be used to determine
      	  the set of applications that can be used to open a given set of
      	* thunar-uca/thunar-uca-chooser.c(thunar_uca_chooser_delete_clicked):
      	  Save the model after removing a custom action.
      	* thunar/thunar-launcher.{c,h}, thunar/thunar-chooser-dialog.{c,h},
      	  thunar/thunar-launcher-ui.xml, thunar/Makefile.am, 
      	  thunar/thunar-standard-view-ui.xml, thunar/thunar-standard-view.c,
      	  thunar/thunar-window-ui.xml, thunar/thunar-window.c: Replace the
      	  previous ThunarLauncher class with a more advanced one, which has
      	  access to the GtkUIManager. The new implementation also displays
      	  which application will be used to open files, based on Jonathan
      	  Blandfords suggestion for Nautilus. Bug #1428.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-action-private.h, thunar-vfs/Makefile.am,
      	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-handler-private.h, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs.h,
      	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-database.c: Import ThunarVfsMimeAction
      	  class to support desktop actions in Thunar. The abstract base class
      	  ThunarVfsMimeHandler is used to avoid duplicating the existing code
      	  for ThunarVfsMimeApplication in ThunarVfsMimeAction, and it will also
      	  make it easier to handle both ThunarVfsMimeApplication's and
      	  ThunarVfsMimeAction's in the user interface code. Bug #1374.
      	* docs/reference/thunar-vfs/: Update the Thunar-VFS API docs.
      	* thunar/thunar-chooser-button.c, thunar/thunar-chooser-dialog.c,
      	  thunar/thunar-chooser-model.c, thunar/thunar-file.c,
      	  thunar/thunar-launcher.c: Update to the new ThunarVfsMimeHandler and
      	  ThunarVfsMimeApplication interface.
      	* thunar/thunar-launcher.c: Display desktop actions in the file context
      	  menu and the "File" menu, based on the newly added ThunarVfsMimeAction
      	  class. Bug #1375.
      	* po/POTFILES.in: Update the file list.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
      	* po/de.po: Update german translations.
      	* configure.in.in, icons/: Change the Thunar icon to the new one
      	  provided by Young Hahn <youngjin.hahn@gmail.com>. Any artists around
      	  to make it look even better?
      (Old svn revision: 19750)
  4. 04 Feb, 2006 4 commits
    • Stavros Giannouris's avatar
      2006-02-05 Stavros Giannouris <stavrosg2002@freemail.gr> · 543b3dab
      Stavros Giannouris authored
              * el.po: Updated Greek translations
      (Old svn revision: 19740)
    • Daichi Kawahata's avatar
      Updated Japanese translations. · 9bd86d2d
      Daichi Kawahata authored
      (Old svn revision: 19738)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-04 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 0baedad3
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-permissions-chooser.c
      	  (thunar_permissions_chooser_file_changed): Display the program check
      	  box only for files which we will actually execute.
      	* thunar/thunar-permissions-chooser.c: Add a warning text to the
      	  permissions chooser for folders, whose exec and read flags are
      	  inconsistent. Add a button to allow the user to fix the folder
      	  permissions automatically if inconsistent.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
      (Old svn revision: 19736)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-04 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · a4adae14
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-file.{c,h}: Add method thunar_file_list_to_path_list(),
      	  which transforms a list of ThunarFile's to a list of ThunarVfsPath's.
      	* thunar/thunar-clipboard-manager.c
      	  (thunar_clipboard_manager_get_callback): Use newly added function
      	  thunar_file_list_to_path_list() here.
      	* thunarx/thunarx-file-info.c(thunarx_file_info_list_copy): Use a
      	  slightly more efficient implementation here.
      	* thunarx/thunarx-file-info.{c,h}, thunarx/thunarx.symbols: Add a boxed
      	  type for a list of ThunarxFileInfo's.
      	* docs/reference/thunarx/: Update the thunarx API docs.
      	* thunar/thunar-launcher.c: Use the new boxed type for the list of
      	  selected files, rather than a pointer.
      	* thunar/thunar-navigator.c(thunar_navigator_get_type): Add requirement
      	  on G_TYPE_OBJECT.
      	* thunar/thunar-component.{c,h}: Add new interface ThunarComponent for
      	  those parts of a ThunarWindow that require access to both the UI
      	  manager and the currently selected files. ThunarComponent extends
      	* thunar/thunar-view.{c,h}: The ui-manager property is now in 
      	  ThunarComponent and ThunarView inherits ThunarComponent.
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.{c,h}: Implement ThunarComponent interface
      	  as required by ThunarView now. This way other components will be able
      	  to determine the selected files and set the selected files without
      	  having to interact with the ThunarView implementation directly.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-info.c(thunar_vfs_info_get_free_space): Be sure
      	  to use statvfs(2) for IRIX. Bug #1425.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-volume.h(ThunarVfsVolumeManagerIface): Reserve
      	  some space for future expansion now.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-*.c, docs/reference/thunar-vfs/: Some updates
      	  to the Thunar-VFS API documentation.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Update translations.
      (Old svn revision: 19735)
  5. 03 Feb, 2006 1 commit
  6. 02 Feb, 2006 4 commits
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-02 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 66489c74
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* configure.in.in: Check for statvfs() and statfs(), and required
      	  header files.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-info.{c,h}, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-volume.{c,h},
      	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-volume-bsd.c, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs.symbols:
      	  Move the get_free_space() method from ThunarVfsVolume to ThunarVfsInfo
      	  so we can use it even if no volume manager implementation is avail-
      	  able for the target system. Bug #1420.
      	* thunar/thunar-file.h: Add get_free_space() method to ThunarFile, so
      	  we can easily determine the amount free space for a given volume
      	  based on a file located on that volume. Bug #1421.
      	* thunar/thunar-list-model.c(thunar_list_model_get_statusbar_text): Use
      	  new method thunar_file_get_free_space().
      	* thunar/thunar-properties-dialog.c: Display the amount of free space
      	  on a certain volume in the properties dialog for folders.
      (Old svn revision: 19716)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-02 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · c27c9904
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-throbber.c: Fix typo in GDK_WINDOWING_X11. Cannot use
      	  gdk_cairo_region() with GDK < 2.7.1.
      (Old svn revision: 19715)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-02 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 2c44beef
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-icon-renderer.c(thunar_icon_renderer_render): Make it
      	  easier to distinguish hidden and backup files from regular files.
      	* docs/README.thunarrc, thunar/thunar-preferences.c: Rename the
      	  DefaultShowHidden preference to LastShowHidden.
      	* thunar/thunar-preferences-dialog.c, thunar/thunar-window.c: Drop the
      	  "Show hidden files" option from the preferences dialog. Instead Thunar
      	  now preserves the users last selection. This way, the "Show hidden
      	  files" behaviour is now consistent with the rest of the file manager.
      	  Bug #1417.
      (Old svn revision: 19714)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-02 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 625a2f20
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-shortcuts-model.{c,h}: Drop obsolete method
      	  thunar_shortcuts_model_file_for_iter() from ThunarShortcutsModel.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-volume.{c,h}, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs.symbols:
      	  Add eject(), mount() and unmount() methods to the ThunarVfsVolume
      	  interface. The interface is therefore mostly done now, maybe some
      	  small additions required for certain backends in the future. Bug #995.
      	* docs/reference/thunar-vfs/: Update the API docs.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-volume-bsd.c: Implement eject(), mount() and
      	  unmount() for the BSD backend.
      	* thunar/thunar-shortcuts-view.c: Allow users to mount, unmount and
      	  eject volumes using the shortcuts pane. Volumes will also be mounted
      	  automatically if you select "Open", "Open in New Window" or just
      	  double click them. But all this is currently only available to BSD
      	* docs/README.volumes: Add notes about the volume manager.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
      	* po/de.po: Another four strings translated!
      (Old svn revision: 19713)
  7. 01 Feb, 2006 6 commits
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-01 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · efc8b2e5
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.c(thunar_standard_view_scroll_event):
      	  Zoom-in on scroll down, zoom-out on scroll up, to be compatible with
      (Old svn revision: 19710)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-01 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 1e9014e0
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.c: Open a dialog when renaming a file.
      	  Bug #1413.
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.c(thunar_standard_view_action_delete):
      	  Use "Cancel" and "Delete" buttons in the delete confirmation dialog,
      	  as suggested by Jasper.
      	* thunar/thunar-progress-dialog.c(thunar_progress_dialog_error),
      	  (thunar_permissions_chooser_job_error): Use "Close" button for the
      	  error dialogs.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
      	* po/de.po: Some work on the german translations.
      	* docs/reference/thunar-vfs/tmpl/: Update thunar-vfs API docs.
      (Old svn revision: 19709)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-01 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · e178dfcd
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-properties-dialog.c: Don't recreate plugin pages if
      	  the file changes, but instead let the plugins connect to the file's
      	  "changed" signal and update their user interface appropriately.
      	  Bug #1355.
      (Old svn revision: 19707)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-01 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · c54e119e
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-file.{c,h}, thunarx/thunarx-file-info.{c,h},
      	  thunarx/thunarx.symbols: Move "changed" and "renamed" signals from
      	  ThunarFile to ThunarxFileInfo, so plugins can use these signals to
      	  stay informed about changes to files. First part of bug #1354.
      	* docs/reference/thunarx/: Update the API documentation.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-info.{c,h}, thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-types.h:
      	  Drop the inode field from the ThunarVfsInfo struct, as we don't
      	  need it anyway and it can cause trouble with systems where ino_t's
      	  size depends on whether largefile support is active or not.
      (Old svn revision: 19706)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-01 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · c3ad8063
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-scandir.c: Use g_access() if available.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-info.c(_thunar_vfs_info_new_internal): Fix a
      	  bug where the path name was g_free()'d for .desktop files with non
      	  ASCII file names.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-path.c(thunar_vfs_path_to_string): Apply simple
      	  optimization here: Prefer the stack memory over heap memory when
      	  constructing the absolute path.
      (Old svn revision: 19705)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-02-01 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 25c1dcad
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-util.c(thunar_vfs_humanize_size): Use "kB"
      	  instead of "KB".
      (Old svn revision: 19704)
  8. 31 Jan, 2006 6 commits
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-31 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 62980a3d
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.c: Disable the "create-document" action
      	  on non-writable folders.
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-scandir.c: Return an error when trying to scan
      	  a directory for which the user has no execute permissions. Bug #1408.
      	* thunar/thunar-file.c(thunar_file_get_emblem_names): Add "cant-read"
      	  emblem to folders, where we don't have permissions to enter. Second
      	  part of fix for bug #1408.
      (Old svn revision: 19695)
    • Daichi Kawahata's avatar
      Updated Dutch translations by Vincent Tunru <imnotb@gmail.com>. · 5b6fed45
      Daichi Kawahata authored
      (Old svn revision: 19694)
    • Daichi Kawahata's avatar
      * Updated. · 155778f8
      Daichi Kawahata authored
      * Discarded obsolete translations.
      (Old svn revision: 19693)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-31 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 6b9586b4
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-info.c: Treat .desktop files of Type=Link as
      	  executable as well, and when requested to execute such a file, extract
      	  the URL and pass it to exo-open for further processing. Bug #1369.
      (Old svn revision: 19691)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-31 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · bd51ee67
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-exec.c(thunar_vfs_exec_parse): Use exo-open
      	  instead of hardcoding Terminal as terminal emulator. Bug #1400.
      (Old svn revision: 19688)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-31 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 4b6c725b
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* configure.in.in: Depend on exo
      	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-listdir-job.c: Make sure the list head always
      	  points to a valid ThunarVfsInfo list, even if an error occurred while
      	  stat()'ing files in a given directory. Bug #1390.
      	* thunar/thunar-window.c(thunar_window_action_about): Use the newly
      	  added exo_url_about_dialog_hook() functions to open links in the
      	  about dialog.
      (Old svn revision: 19687)
  9. 30 Jan, 2006 5 commits
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-31 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 39455c32
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.c(thunar_standard_view_scroll_event): Add
      	  support to zoom in/out using Control+MouseWheel.
      (Old svn revision: 19679)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-30 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 0dc56749
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-window.c(thunar_window_action_open_templates): Improve
      	  the text for the "About Templates" dialog. Thanks to Brian for the
      	  suggestion. Bug #1392.
      (Old svn revision: 19672)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-30 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · d1f9d815
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/Makefile.am, thunar/thunar-throbber.{c,h}: Import the
      	  ThunarThrobber widget class, which display a loading animation
      	  similar to the one found in Firefox.
      	* thunar/thunar-statusbar.{c,h}: Drop the statusbar icon, as it's
      	  confusing, since it refers to the current folder instead of the
      	  selected items, but the text displayed in the statusbar refers to the
      	  selected items.
      	* thunar/thunar-window.c: Add a ThunarThrobber to the menu bar, and use
      	  it to display loading animation instead of the statusbar icon.
      	* thunar/thunar-window.c: Add additional reload shortcut GDK_F5.
      	* docs/README.thunarrc, thunar/thunar-preferences.c,
      	  thunar/thunar-window-ui.xml, thunar/thunar-window.c: The statusbar
      	  is optional now. Bug #1395.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
      (Old svn revision: 19671)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-30 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · cfc206a6
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* configure.in.in: Add ru translations.
      	* THANKS: Add ru translator credits for Andrey Fedoseev
      (Old svn revision: 19670)
    • Daichi Kawahata's avatar
      Added Russian translations by Andrey Fedoseev <andrey.fedoseev@gmail.com>. · 001bc408
      Daichi Kawahata authored
      (Old svn revision: 19667)
  10. 29 Jan, 2006 3 commits
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-29 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 997a8845
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* docs/README.thunarrc: Add missing preferences.
      	* thunar/thunar-preferences.c: Rearrange stuff.
      (Old svn revision: 19663)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-29 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 2772a801
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-enum-types.{c,h}: Add ThunarZoomLevel and ThunarIconSize
      	  required for the zoom-level support.
      	* docs/README.thunarrc, thunar/thunar-preferences.c: Changed property
      	  ShortcutsIconSize to ThunarIconSize, required for the upcoming
      	  changes to ThunarIconRenderer. People starting Thunar for the first
      	  time after this upgrade will notice that the size of the shortcuts
      	  icons is too small because of this change. Either edit thunarrc and
      	  change ShortcutsIconSize appropriately or just remove thunarrc and
      	  let Thunar recreate it with sane defaults (your settings will be lost
      	  then). Add two new preferences LastDetailsViewZoomLevel and
      	* thunar/thunar-icon-renderer.{c,h}: The size property is now of type
      	  ThunarIconSize, rather than plain int.
      	* thunar/thunar-view.{c,h}: Add zoom control methods to the ThunarView
      	* thunar/thunar-standard-view.{c,h}, thunar/thunar-standard-view-ui.xml,
      	  thunar/thunar-window-ui.xml, thunar/thunar-window.{c,h},
      	  thunar/thunar-details-view.c, thunar/thunar-icon-view.c: Add support
      	  for seven different zoom levels to Thunar based on the previous
      	  changes. This fixes bug #1357, and thereby implements one of the most
      	  oftenly requested features.
      	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
      (Old svn revision: 19662)
    • Benedikt Meurer's avatar
      2006-01-29 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · 9f26a424
      Benedikt Meurer authored
      	* thunar/thunar-location-buttons.c: Add support to drop on pathbar
      	  buttons, as requested in bug #1344.
      (Old svn revision: 19659)