Commit c5950262 authored by Priit Jõerüüt's avatar Priit Jõerüüt Committed by Transifex

I18n: Update translation et (100%).

762 translated messages.

Transifex (
parent c15acbda
......@@ -1170,7 +1170,7 @@ msgstr[1] "Ava %d uut akent"
msgid "Open in %d New _Window"
msgid_plural "Open in %d New _Windows"
msgstr[0] "Ava %d uues _aknas"
msgstr[1] "Ava %d uutes _akendes"
msgstr[1] "Ava %d uues _akenas"
#: ../thunar/thunar-launcher.c:833
#, c-format
......@@ -1191,8 +1191,8 @@ msgstr[1] "Ava %d uutel _kaartidel"
#, c-format
msgid "Open the selected directory in %d new tab"
msgid_plural "Open the selected directories in %d new tabs"
msgstr[0] "Valitud kausta avamine %d uuel kaardil"
msgstr[1] "Valitud kaustade avamine %d uuel kaardil"
msgstr[0] "Ava valitud kaust %d uuel kaardil"
msgstr[1] "Ava valitud kaustad %d uuel kaardil"
#: ../thunar/thunar-launcher.c:860
msgid "Open the selected directory in a new window"
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