Commit a8803420 authored by Andre Miranda's avatar Andre Miranda

Bump exo version

Should have done this when introduced the use of
parent 622bd56a
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ GTK_DOC_CHECK([1.9])
dnl ***********************************
dnl *** Check for required packages ***
dnl ***********************************
XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([EXO], [exo-2], [0.10.0])
XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([EXO], [exo-2], [0.11.4])
XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([GLIB], [glib-2.0], [2.30.0])
XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([GIO], [gio-2.0], [2.30.0])
XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([GTHREAD], [gthread-2.0], [2.30.0])
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