Commit 95b78380 authored by Alexander Schwinn's avatar Alexander Schwinn

Fixed an uncritical "use after free" ( check if NULL after free )

Afaik it did not cause trouble so far.
parent d51b6c1d
......@@ -4257,7 +4257,6 @@ thunar_standard_view_context_menu (ThunarStandardView *standard_view)
/* merge the custom menu actions for the selected items */
selected_items = (*THUNAR_STANDARD_VIEW_GET_CLASS (standard_view)->get_selected_items) (standard_view);
thunar_standard_view_merge_custom_actions (standard_view, selected_items);
g_list_free_full (selected_items, (GDestroyNotify) gtk_tree_path_free);
/* grab an additional reference on the view */
g_object_ref (G_OBJECT (standard_view));
......@@ -4266,6 +4265,8 @@ thunar_standard_view_context_menu (ThunarStandardView *standard_view)
menu = gtk_ui_manager_get_widget (standard_view->ui_manager, (selected_items != NULL) ? "/file-context-menu" : "/folder-context-menu");
thunar_gtk_menu_run (GTK_MENU (menu));
g_list_free_full (selected_items, (GDestroyNotify) gtk_tree_path_free);
/* release the additional reference on the view */
g_object_unref (G_OBJECT (standard_view));
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