Commit 5deb2883 authored by Harald Judt's avatar Harald Judt

Coverity CID 60623: Unused value

CID 60623 (#1 of 1): Unused value (UNUSED_VALUE)
assigned_value: Assigning value from event->x to path_entry->drag_x here,
but that stored value is overwritten before it can be used.


value_overwrite: Overwriting previous write to path_entry->drag_x with
value from event->y.
parent 3d5917e8
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ thunar_path_entry_button_press_event (GtkWidget *widget,
/* consume the event */
path_entry->drag_button = event->button;
path_entry->drag_x = event->x;
path_entry->drag_x = event->y;
path_entry->drag_y = event->y;
return TRUE;
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