Commit 4d450266 authored by Jannis Pohlmann's avatar Jannis Pohlmann

Add hint about thunarx-1 => thunarx-2 to NEWS.

parent a8237222
......@@ -12,6 +12,10 @@
- Thumbnails are now generated using the thumbnail management D-Bus
specification. One implementation of this specification is Tumbler
which is released independently.
- Bump the API version of Thunarx to 2 because symbols related to
ThunarVFS were removed and replaced by new symbols dealing with GIO.
This requires all existing plugins to be updated and linked against
thunarx-2 instead of thunarx-1.
- Show "Network" item in the side pane and the "Go" menu if the
network:// URI scheme is supported by GIO (via an extension). Make
the "Trash" item optional too.
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