Commit 495324de authored by Alexander Schwinn's avatar Alexander Schwinn
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Dont execute files, passed via command line due to security risks

Instead open the containing folder and select the file.

Fixes #121
parent 84537671
......@@ -1512,8 +1512,29 @@ thunar_application_process_files_finish (ThunarBrowser *browser,
/* try to open the file or directory */
thunar_file_launch (target_file, screen, startup_id, &error);
if (thunar_file_is_directory (file))
thunar_application_open_window (application, file, screen, startup_id, FALSE);
/* Note that for security reasons we do not execute files passed via command line */
/* Lets rather open the containing directory and select the file */
ThunarFile *parent = thunar_file_get_parent (file, NULL);
if (G_LIKELY (parent != NULL))
GList* files = NULL;
GtkWidget *window;
window = thunar_application_open_window (application, parent, screen, startup_id, FALSE);
g_object_unref (parent);
files = g_list_append (files, thunar_file_get_file (file));
thunar_window_select_files (THUNAR_WINDOW (window), files);
g_list_free (files);
/* remove the file from the list */
application->files_to_launch = g_list_delete_link (application->files_to_launch,
......@@ -243,8 +243,6 @@ static void thunar_window_update_go_menu (ThunarWindow
GtkWidget *menu);
static void thunar_window_update_help_menu (ThunarWindow *window,
GtkWidget *menu);
static void thunar_window_select_files (ThunarWindow *window,
GList *path_list);
static void thunar_window_binding_create (ThunarWindow *window,
gpointer src_object,
const gchar *src_prop,
......@@ -891,7 +889,7 @@ thunar_window_screen_changed (GtkWidget *widget,
* Visually selects the files, given by the list
static void
thunar_window_select_files (ThunarWindow *window,
GList *files_to_selected)
......@@ -126,6 +126,8 @@ void thunar_window_redirect_menu_tooltips_to_statusbar (Thu
GtkMenu *menu);
const XfceGtkActionEntry* thunar_window_get_action_entry (ThunarWindow *window,
ThunarWindowAction action);
void thunar_window_select_files (ThunarWindow *window,
GList *path_list);
#endif /* !__THUNAR_WINDOW_H__ */
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