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    2006-08-12 Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org> · b403d838
    Benedikt Meurer authored
    	* thunar/thunar-history-action.{c,h}, thunar/thunar-history.c,
    	  thunar/Makefile.am: Add "back" and "forward" menus to the history
    	  support module. Bug #1782.
    	* thunar/thunar-create-dialog.c, thunar/thunar-standard-view.c,
    	  thunar/thunar-stock.{c,h}: We don't really need stock items for
    	  create and rename. Instead use labels with mnemonics.
    	* po/Thunar.pot, po/*.po: Merge new strings.
    	* po/de.po: Update german translations.
    (Old svn revision: 22732)
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