Commit 8b6667f4 authored by Andre Miranda's avatar Andre Miranda

Remove unused perl module requirement

parent 2d2ebe09
Pipeline #1453 passed with stages
in 2 minutes and 34 seconds
......@@ -114,14 +114,6 @@ AC_PROG_INSTALL()
IT_PROG_INTLTOOL([intltool_minimum_version], [no-xml])
AC_CHECK_PROGS([PERL], [perl5 perl])
dnl ***************************************
dnl *** Check for required Perl modules ***
dnl ***************************************
AC_MSG_ERROR([Atleast one of the required Perl modules (URI::Escape, URI::file and URI::URL) was not found on your system])
dnl ***************************************
dnl *** Check for standard header files ***
dnl ***************************************
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