Commit 8470fbd7 authored by Avinash Sonawane's avatar Avinash Sonawane
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Remove memset

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......@@ -226,11 +226,10 @@ str_split (char *string, const char *delim)
read_disks_netcat (t_chip *chip)
char reply[REPLY_MAX_SIZE], *tmp, *tmp2, *tmp3;
char *tmp, *tmp2, *tmp3, reply[REPLY_MAX_SIZE] = {0};
int result;
t_chipfeature *feature;
memset(&reply, 0, REPLY_MAX_SIZE);
result = get_hddtemp_d_str(reply, REPLY_MAX_SIZE);
DBG ("reply=%s with result=%d\n", reply, (int) result);
if (result==-1)
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