Commit f6a6dc37 authored by Alexander Schwinn's avatar Alexander Schwinn

Thunar hangs when closing windows using CTRL+W (Issue #336)

Fixes #336
parent 6ec4bb51
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......@@ -1102,6 +1102,14 @@ thunar_window_dispose (GObject *object)
window->location_toolbar_item_back = NULL;
window->location_toolbar_item_forward = NULL;
if (window->accel_group != NULL)
gtk_accel_group_disconnect (window->accel_group, NULL);
gtk_window_remove_accel_group (GTK_WINDOW (window), window->accel_group);
g_object_unref (window->accel_group);
window->accel_group = NULL;
/* destroy the save geometry timer source */
if (G_UNLIKELY (window->save_geometry_timer_id != 0))
g_source_remove (window->save_geometry_timer_id);
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