Commit e9160bf7 authored by Graeme Gott's avatar Graeme Gott

Add git version number.

parent 7026060e
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ project(whiskermenu)
set(whiskermenu_version_major "2")
set(whiskermenu_version_minor "4")
set(whiskermenu_version_micro "0")
set(whiskermenu_version_tag "")
set(whiskermenu_version_tag "git")
set(whiskermenu_version "${whiskermenu_version_major}.${whiskermenu_version_minor}.${whiskermenu_version_micro}")
if(${whiskermenu_version_tag} MATCHES "git")
if(NOT DEFINED whiskermenu_version_build)
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