Commit da21c80f authored by Harald Judt's avatar Harald Judt

Use more precise terms instead of "atmospheric pressure" and "humidity".

These are a bit imprecise, so use more exact terms.

Barometric pressure is atmospheric pressure reduced to mean sea level,
done so to facilitate comparison for locations with different altitudes.

Humidity is relative humidity in contrast to absolute humidity which
is the water content of air.
parent eb4e6632
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ static const labeloption labeloptions[OPTIONS_N] = {
* letter(s) that make sense and don't use up too much space.
{N_("Temperature (T)"), TEMPERATURE},
{N_("Atmosphere pressure (P)"), PRESSURE},
{N_("Barometric pressure (P)"), PRESSURE},
{N_("Wind speed (WS)"), WIND_SPEED},
{N_("Wind speed - Beaufort scale (WB)"), WIND_BEAUFORT},
{N_("Wind direction (WD)"), WIND_DIRECTION},
......@@ -479,8 +479,8 @@ create_summary_tab(plugin_data *data)
/* atmosphere */
APPEND_TEXT_ITEM(_("Barometric pressure"), PRESSURE);
APPEND_TEXT_ITEM(_("Relative humidity"), HUMIDITY);
/* clouds */
......@@ -577,8 +577,8 @@ forecast_cell_get_tooltip_text(plugin_data *data,
g_string_append(text, _("<b>Atmosphere</b>\n"));
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Pressure:\t%s%s%s\n"), PRESSURE);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Humidity:\t%s%s%s\n\n"), HUMIDITY);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Barometric pressure:\t%s%s%s\n"), PRESSURE);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Relative humidity:\t\t%s%s%s\n\n"), HUMIDITY);
g_string_append(text, _("<b>Precipitations</b>\n"));
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Amount:\t\t%s%s%s\n\n"), PRECIPITATIONS);
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