Commit 7c4d1dfa authored by Harald Judt's avatar Harald Judt

Fix formatting and some small grammar and spelling mistakes.

parent bab11195
......@@ -364,7 +364,7 @@ create_summary_tab(plugin_data *data)
/* calculation times */
APPEND_BTEXT(_("\nTimes Used In Calculations\n"));
APPEND_BTEXT(_("\nTimes Used for Calculations\n"));
point = format_date(conditions->point, NULL, TRUE);
value = g_strdup_printf
(_("\tTemperatures, wind, atmosphere and cloud data calculated\n"
......@@ -560,7 +560,7 @@ forecast_cell_get_tooltip_text(plugin_data *data,
const gchar *unit;
/* TRANSLATORS: Please use \t as needed to properly align the values */
text = g_string_new(_("<b>Times used for calculation</b>\n"));
text = g_string_new(_("<b>Times used for calculations</b>\n"));
value = format_date(fcdata->start, NULL, TRUE);
g_string_append_printf(text, _("Interval start:\t\t\t%s\n"), value);
......@@ -584,11 +584,11 @@ forecast_cell_get_tooltip_text(plugin_data *data,
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Amount:\t\t%s%s%s\n\n"), PRECIPITATIONS);
g_string_append(text, _("<b>Clouds</b>\n"));
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Fog:\t\t%s%s%s\n"), FOG);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Low:\t\t%s%s%s\n"), CLOUDS_LOW);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Middle:\t\t%s%s%s\n"), CLOUDS_MID);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("High:\t\t%s%s%s\n"), CLOUDS_HIGH);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Cloudiness:\t%s%s%s"), CLOUDINESS);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Fog:\t\t\t%s%s%s\n"), FOG);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Low clouds:\t\t%s%s%s\n"), CLOUDS_LOW);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Middle clouds:\t%s%s%s\n"), CLOUDS_MID);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("High clouds:\t\t%s%s%s\n"), CLOUDS_HIGH);
APPEND_TOOLTIP_ITEM(_("Cloudiness:\t\t%s%s%s"), CLOUDINESS);
/* Free GString only and return its character data */
result = text->str;
......@@ -1521,7 +1521,7 @@ weather_get_tooltip_text(const plugin_data *data)
"<span size=\"medium\">(%s)</span>\n"
"<b><span size=\"large\">%s</span></b>\n"
"<span size=\"smaller\">"
"from %s to %s, with %s precipitations</span>\n\n"
"from %s to %s, with %s of precipitations</span>\n\n"
"<b>Temperature:</b> %s\t\t"
"<span size=\"smaller\">(values at %s)</span>\n"
"<b>Wind:</b> %s (%son the Beaufort scale) from %s(%s)\n"
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