Commit 0a018afa authored by Harald Judt's avatar Harald Judt

Summary window: Add tooltip for forecast day header showing astrodata.

parent 750bfb22
......@@ -681,6 +681,87 @@ forecast_cell_get_tooltip_text(plugin_data *data,
static gchar *
forecast_day_header_tooltip_text(xml_astro *astro)
GString *text;
gchar *result, *day, *sunrise, *sunset, *moonrise, *moonset, *moonphase;
/* TRANSLATORS: Please use spaces as needed or desired to properly
align the values; Monospace font is enforced with <tt> tags for
alignment, and the text is enclosed in <small> tags because
that looks much better and saves space.
text = g_string_new("");
if (astro) {
day = format_date(astro->day, "%Y-%m-%d", TRUE);
g_string_append_printf(text, _("<b>%s</b>\n"), day);
if (astro->sun_never_rises)
g_string_append(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Sunrise: The sun never rises this day."
else if (astro->sun_never_sets)
g_string_append(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Sunset: The sun never sets this day."
else {
sunrise = format_date(astro->sunrise, NULL, TRUE);
g_string_append_printf(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Sunrise: %s"
"</small></tt>\n"), sunrise);
sunset = format_date(astro->sunset, NULL, TRUE);
g_string_append_printf(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Sunset: %s"
"</small></tt>\n\n"), sunset);
if (astro->moon_phase)
g_string_append_printf(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Moon phase: %s"
g_string_append(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Moon phase: Unknown"
if (astro->moon_never_rises)
g_string_append(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Moonrise: The moon never rises this day."
else if (astro->moon_never_sets)
"Moonset: The moon never sets this day."
else {
moonrise = format_date(astro->moonrise, NULL, TRUE);
g_string_append_printf(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Moonrise: %s"
"</small></tt>\n"), moonrise);
moonset = format_date(astro->moonset, NULL, TRUE);
g_string_append_printf(text, _("<tt><small>"
"Moonset: %s"
"</small></tt>"), moonset);
/* Free GString only and return its character data */
result = text->str;
g_string_free(text, FALSE);
return result;
static GtkWidget *
wrap_forecast_cell(const GtkWidget *widget,
const GdkColor *color)
......@@ -815,7 +896,8 @@ make_forecast(plugin_data *data)
const GdkColor lightbg = {0, 0xeaea, 0xeaea, 0xeaea};
const GdkColor darkbg = {0, 0x6666, 0x6666, 0x6666};
GArray *daydata;
gchar *dayname;
xml_astro *astro;
gchar *dayname, *text;
gint i;
daytime daytime;
......@@ -848,6 +930,11 @@ make_forecast(plugin_data *data)
ebox = add_forecast_header(dayname, 90.0, &darkbg);
/* add tooltip to forecast day header */
astro = get_astro_data_for_day(data->astrodata, i);
text = forecast_day_header_tooltip_text(astro);
gtk_widget_set_tooltip_markup(GTK_WIDGET(ebox), text);
if (data->forecast_layout == FC_LAYOUT_CALENDAR)
gtk_table_attach_defaults(GTK_TABLE(table), GTK_WIDGET(ebox),
i+1, i+2, 0, 1);
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