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2007-10-25 Diego Ongaro <>

* Prep for v1.0.0

(Old svn revision: 3454)
parent bd0178aa
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
* model.c: Don't debug (possibly invalid) bookmark label on free
* cfg.c: String change
* Prep for v1.0.0
2007-10-22 Diego Ongaro <>
xfce4-places-plugin v1.0.0 released
* Added "Mount and Open" action for removabe media (Bug #3565)
* Fixed make distcheck errors
* Fixed menu "blinking" when ~/.gtk-bookmarks not found
* Fixed always showing "No items found" in recent documents
with GTK 2.12 (Bug #3605)
* Adopted menu positioning from notes plugin
for improved behavior with floating panels
xfce4-places-plugin v0.9.992 (1.0beta2) released
use less resources
path/uri mess
new tooltip API in GTK 2.12
error messages and notifications for (un)mounting
dnl xfce4-places-plugin
dnl version info
m4_define([places_version], [0.9.992])
m4_define([places_version], [1.0.0])
dnl initialize autoconf
AC_COPYRIGHT([Copyright (c) 2007 Diego Ongaro <>])
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