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Prepare for new release.

parent 97c1c4cd
4.0.1 (2017/10/29)
- Allow pango markup in tooltip as well
- Added some extra sample scripts (twit, google calendar, sysstat)
- Enhanced CSS styling capabilites (see 'CSS Styling.txt' doc)
- Fix progressbar wrong direction
4.0.0 (2017/02/25)
- Fix PangoFontDescription not being able to display initial default string
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ returns to its original behaviour (displaying the result of the command).
No tag is mandatory: for instance, you can display a tooltip without and image...
The text between the <txt> and </txt> tag can use pango markup for style and color.
The text between the <txt> and </txt>, and the <tool> and </tool> tags can use pango markup for style and color.
Here's a simple example of a plugin displaying the Temp of the CPU in the panel
(with an icon) and the Freq in a Tooltip:
......@@ -110,6 +110,8 @@ To refresh the plugin, issue the command:
where "genmon-X" is the widget name of the particular genmon instance. To get this name, go to the panel
properties screen and on the Items tab, hover your mouse over the genmon plugin to get it's internal name.
GTK3 CSS styling capabilites have been enhanced. Please refer to the 'CSS Styling.txt' document for more information.
6 - Bugs
......@@ -4,9 +4,10 @@ dnl xfce4-genmon-plugin - Generic Monitor plugin for xfce4-panel
dnl 2004 Roger Seguin <>
dnl 2006 Julien Devemy <>
dnl 2016 Tony Paulic <>
AC_INIT([xfce4-genmon-plugin], [genmon_version],
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