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Updates for release

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1.2.5 (2021-03-02)
- Adjust CPU icon color according to frequency
- Use 99th percentile as the maximum frequency when adjusting icon color
- Display text using a drawing area instead of using a label with CSS
- Enable font color reset
- Disable font settings when not displaying text
- Switch to symbolic close icons
- Bump required version of Xfce UI to 4.14
- Compute max_freq and min_freq when calculating avg/min/max
- Delete font name from RC file if using the default font
- Code cleanups, fixes and minor optimizations
- Translation Updates:
Albanian, Basque, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch, French,
Galician, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian
Bokmål, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Serbian, Slovak, Spanish,
Swedish, Turkish
1.2.4 (2021-02-02)
- Display governors even if they differ among CPU cores
......@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ dnl Version information
m4_define([cpufreq_version_major], [1])
m4_define([cpufreq_version_minor], [2])
m4_define([cpufreq_version_micro], [4])
m4_define([cpufreq_version_micro], [5])
m4_define([cpufreq_version_build], [@REVISION@])
m4_define([cpufreq_version_tag], [git])
m4_define([cpufreq_version_tag], [])
m4_define([cpufreq_version], [cpufreq_version_major().cpufreq_version_minor().cpufreq_version_micro()ifelse(cpufreq_version_tag(), [git], [cpufreq_version_tag()-cpufreq_version_build()], [cpufreq_version_tag()])])
dnl Initialize autoconf
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