Commit 659d61ee authored by Romain Bouvier's avatar Romain Bouvier Committed by Simon Steinbeiss

Fix panel build with vala 0.48 (Bug #16426)

This commit disables the remote_event in vala plugins.

- Since vala 0.48, vapigen fails with :
  overriding method `Xfce.PanelPlugin.remote_event' is incompatible with base method
  `bool Xfce.PanelPluginProvider.remote_event (string, GLib.Value, uint)': too few parameters.
- The problem may be present since 2010 when remote event replies from the wrapper
  has been added in d168066d (so not for internal plugins which don't use the wrapper)
- So, skip PanelPlugin.remote_event from vapi generation. Maybe this can
  break some vala plugins, but I'm not aware of any using this
  remote_event feature.
parent 08dfc14a
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