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......@@ -1080,6 +1080,11 @@ xfce_appfinder_model_history_insert (XfceAppfinderModel *model,
item->command = g_strdup (command);
item->icon = GDK_PIXBUF (g_object_ref (G_OBJECT (model->command_icon)));
item->icon_large = GDK_PIXBUF (g_object_ref (G_OBJECT (model->command_icon_large)));
if (g_slist_find_custom(model->items, item, xfce_appfinder_model_item_compare) != NULL)
APPFINDER_DEBUG ("%s is already in the model. no insert", command);
model->items = g_slist_insert_sorted (model->items, item, xfce_appfinder_model_item_compare);
/* find the item and the position */
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