Commit 3546e6a0 authored by Graeme Gott's avatar Graeme Gott
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Bump version number

parent 354951d7
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ project(whiskermenu)
# version number
set(whiskermenu_version_major "2")
set(whiskermenu_version_minor "6")
set(whiskermenu_version_minor "7")
set(whiskermenu_version_micro "0")
set(whiskermenu_version_tag "git")
set(whiskermenu_version_tag "")
set(whiskermenu_version "${whiskermenu_version_major}.${whiskermenu_version_minor}.${whiskermenu_version_micro}")
if(${whiskermenu_version_tag} MATCHES "git")
if(NOT DEFINED whiskermenu_version_build)
- Add showing categories as icons on top or bottom. (Issue #62)
- Add hiding username. (Issue #36)
- Add rounded profile picture.
- Add optional AccountsService support.
- Add catfish search action.
- Add CSS classes for theming.
- Improve search result relevance.
- Make stripping release builds optional.
- Rearrange settings dialog.
- Remove sliding out search results.
- Remove useless grab check.
- Rename icon to follow reverse DNS scheme.
- Replace size grip with resizing from edges.
- Replace slots with lambdas.
- Use original menu layout.
- Use dm-tool for switching users.
- Translation updates: Basque, Bulgarian, Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch,
French, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak,
Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.
- Fix background shifting when showing menu. (Issue #41)
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