Commit 3dc9a7a3 authored by Maurizio Galli (m4u9)'s avatar Maurizio Galli (m4u9)
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Use new xfce action icons provided by xfce4-session and xfce4-settings

parent 2f9fd5a3
......@@ -138,49 +138,49 @@ Settings::Settings() :
command[CommandSettings] = new Command("preferences-desktop",
command[CommandSettings] = new Command("org.xfce.settings.manager",
_("_Settings Manager"),
_("Failed to open settings manager."));
command[CommandLockScreen] = new Command("system-lock-screen",
command[CommandLockScreen] = new Command("xfsm-lock",
_("_Lock Screen"),
_("Failed to lock screen."));
command[CommandSwitchUser] = new Command("system-users",
command[CommandSwitchUser] = new Command("xfsm-switch-user",
_("Switch _User"),
_("Failed to switch user."));
command[CommandLogOutUser] = new Command("system-log-out",
command[CommandLogOutUser] = new Command("xfsm-logout",
_("Log _Out"),
"xfce4-session-logout --logout --fast",
_("Failed to log out."),
_("Are you sure you want to log out?"),
_("Logging out in %d seconds."));
command[CommandRestart] = new Command("system-reboot",
command[CommandRestart] = new Command("xfsm-reboot",
"xfce4-session-logout --reboot --fast",
_("Failed to restart."),
_("Are you sure you want to restart?"),
_("Restarting computer in %d seconds."));
command[CommandShutDown] = new Command("system-shutdown",
command[CommandShutDown] = new Command("xfsm-shutdown",
_("Shut _Down"),
"xfce4-session-logout --halt --fast",
_("Failed to shut down."),
_("Are you sure you want to shut down?"),
_("Turning off computer in %d seconds."));
command[CommandSuspend] = new Command("system-suspend",
command[CommandSuspend] = new Command("xfsm-suspend",
"xfce4-session-logout --suspend",
_("Failed to suspend."),
_("Do you want to suspend to RAM?"),
_("Suspending computer in %d seconds."));
command[CommandHibernate] = new Command("system-hibernate",
command[CommandHibernate] = new Command("xfsm-hibernate",
"xfce4-session-logout --hibernate",
_("Failed to hibernate."),
_("Do you want to suspend to disk?"),
_("Hibernating computer in %d seconds."));
command[CommandLogOut] = new Command("system-log-out",
command[CommandLogOut] = new Command("xfsm-shutdown",
_("Log Ou_t..."),
_("Failed to log out."));
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