- Improve UI feedback when resetting weather data
- Show API deprecation warnings in the details tab of the summary
  window instead of the standard output
- Support upower-0.99 (bug #10922)
- Use locationforecastLTS-1.2 API (bug #10916)
- Add code to handle proxy authentication (bug #10820)
- Remove code dealing with laptop lid open/close (bug #10330)
- Show astrodata in forecast day header tooltip in summary window
- Fetch and cache astronomical data for multiple days
- Add a button for opening/creating the user icon themes directory in
  the config dialog
- Sort icon themes by path names (user themes are listed first)
- Correct spelling of precipitation (bug #9938)
- Context menu: Resolve mnemonic conflict for Refresh and Remove
  (bug #9911)
- Summary window: Fix clock not updating properly (bug #9933)
- Fix wind direction translation (bug #9895)
- Make using only a single row the default setting
- Better handle single row and icon size in various panel modes
- Fix text color not being remembered over restarts
- Build system cleanups and dependency bumps
- Many translation updates