- Lots of translations updates.
- Update liquid icon set to be complete (bug #9242).
- Improve sleet icons (bug #9233).
- Improve rain icons for darker panels (bug #9233).
- Correct symbol descriptions and add comments with explanations.
- Correct and improve liquid icons (bug #9228).
- Updated README with documentation from Xfce Goodies homepage.
- Add debugging code and instructions on how to debug in README.
- Add section about theming and icon sets in README.
- Remove code for now unsupported GTK/GLIB versions.
- Bump minimum requirements to match Xfce-4.8 (yes, they were needed
  before) and drop some legacy code.
- Fix ugly GDK_WINDOW assertion when opening the summary window.
- Clear scrollbox labels before updating conditions (bug #9210).
- Correct "Astrological data" to "Astronomical data" (bug #9190).
- Variable name fix for Solaris (bug #9185).
- Fix crash in summary window when something weird happens (bug #9182).
- Some more code refactoring, clean up and minor fixes.