1. 08 May, 2021 4 commits
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      xflock4: Use xdg-screensaver as fallback (#17) · 7f18ced4
      Jarno Suni authored
      Let xdg-screensaver script from xdg-utils try to lock by a screensaver
      unknown to xflock4. Include trace and debug information of the script
      in the debug file, if set. Handle gnome-screensaver by xdg-screensaver
      instead of handling it directly in xflock4.
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      xflock4: Add debug function · ad65bf4d
      Jarno Suni authored
      The debug function is controlled by xfce4-session property
      /general/LockDebugFile (string) in Xfconf. If it exist and is non-null,
      more output will generated in standard error which will be redirected
      to the given file. Also standard output will be redirected to that
      file. Besides, shell trace output mode will be switched on.
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      xflock4: Apply initial delay before running a screensaver/locker (#29) · 705d8dd1
      Jarno Suni authored
      This is done only if the script is run in terminal to prevent
      unintentional exposing the lock screen right away.
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      xflock4: Improve support for lockers (#17) · e3316729
      Jarno Suni authored
      Add some shell settings to make errors more noticeable and to improve
      Run the shell command read from Xfconf property /general/LockCommand
      in separate shell, if the property exists and is non-null. The property
      can be a complex shell one-liner that is encapsulated within xflock4.
      If the one-liner fails, xflock4 fail, too.
      Support new xfconf property of xfce4-session channel:
      /general/LockCommandForks (boolean; default false):
      If LockCommand does not fork, this has to be false to get xflock4 exit
      before unlocking; it will exit not later than one second after
      launching the command then. If LockCommand exits by that time with
      non-zero exit status then xflock4 fails; otherwise it is regarded as
      Recognize new screensaver:
      light-locker (which also turns audio off while locking)
      xscreensaver-command can take GNU style options so it can be called
      from the loop.
      'gnome-screensaver-command --lock' returns always 0, so it has to be
      handled specially. Tested on gnome-screensaver 3.6.1; the project
      seems to be unmaintained.
      Remove hard-coded fallback lockers because user can specify which
      locker to use by LockCommand property.
      Update copyright.
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