- panel: Change width of default panel-2 to 1% (Fixes #454)
- panel: Fix xfce4-panel-CRITICAL
- panel: Fix xfce4-panel-CRITICAL when already running
- libxfce4panel: Do not destroy context menu if popped up (Fixes #442)
- launcher: Check for menu item initialization
- launcher: Fix garcon-CRITICAL at startup
- systray: Fix GObject-CRITICAL
- systray: Fix Gtk-CRITICAL at startup/shutdown
- systray: Fix libsystray-CRITICAL
- tasklist: Fix Gtk-CRITICAL
- Silent `-Wcast-align` from Clang
- Translation Updates:
  Bulgarian, English (Australia), Estonian, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian
  Bokmål, Occitan (post 1500), Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish