1. 04 Jan, 2022 5 commits
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      Thumbnailer: Remove upscale in case of unsupported flavor · de65c2f2
      Gaël Bonithon authored
      While this is inconsequential in the current state of the code (the
      maximum thumbnail size is less than `RSTTO_THUMBNAIL_FLAVOR_LARGE`),
      this fallback is implemented in the wrong place.
      Furthermore, it is actually not clear that it should be implemented,
      because by the time support for larger sizes is added, an explicit
      dependency on Xfce 4.18 could also be added (e.g. libxfce4util 4.18), so
      that support for "x-large" and "xx-large" flavors could be assumed as a
      Amends previous commit.
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      Thumbnailer: Add thumbnail flavor support · 47e5569c
      Gaël Bonithon authored
      This allows for better quality thumbnails for sizes larger than 128x128.
      This currently only concerns sizes 192x192 and 256x256 ("large" flavor),
      but support is extended virtually to 512x512 and 1024x1024 ("x-large"
      and "xx-large" flavors).
      This allows to partially address #81 in anticipation of the release of
      Tumbler 4.18.
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      Refactoring: Cleanup and simplifications around thumbnail size · a5d332ee
      Gaël Bonithon authored
      * Move thumbnail size management to `util.c`
      * Avoid switch statements on thumbnail size in `icon_bar.c`
      * Some more cleanup in `icon_bar.c`
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      Redistribute thumbnail sizes uniformly · fa90b456
      Gaël Bonithon authored
      In the sense of a progression by power of 2 with an intermediate median
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