Commit 0dbaa469 authored by Romain Bouvier's avatar Romain Bouvier

Do not require connexion to generate manpage

- Use local xml/dtd in docbook-xsl
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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ man_MANS = \
%.1: %.xml
xsltproc $<
xsltproc --nonet $<
  • Hey @skunnyk, this change seems to break the build. How is xsltproc supposed to get docbook.xsl if there's no connection?

    xsltproc --nonet xfce4-terminal.xml
    I/O error : Attempt to load network entity
    warning: failed to load external entity ""
    cannot parse
  • Because it should use what is provided in docbook-xsl package, which is (should?) a dependency of gtkdoc.

    And that was what was used previously: 125c9335 And what is used in thunar, libxfce4ui, exo etc :/

  • libxfce4ui and exo explicitly require gtk-doc in their files while xfce4-terminal does not. Should it be added as a requirement? Otherwise, people might not be able to build the terminal from git.

  • gtk-doc itself is not mandatory to build terminal (xsltproc/docbook-xsl is)

    But gtk-doc is a requirement to build Xfce.

    But yes, since my change, you need xsltproc at build time with git version (before you needed to add --enable-gen-doc and have some old tools installed).

    As gtk-doc/xsltproc are already needed to build other parts of xfce, I think it's not a problem to add GTK_DOC_CHECK to terminal !

  • I've made this change, thanks!

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