Commit e365bf17 authored by Rozhuk Ivan's avatar Rozhuk Ivan Committed by Simon Steinbeiß

Fix: some times processes does not remove from list

parent e1b46159
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......@@ -432,10 +432,12 @@ xtm_task_manager_update_model (XtmTaskManager *manager)
gtk_tree_model_get (manager->model, &cur_iter, XTM_PTV_COLUMN_CPU_STR, &cpu_str, XTM_PTV_COLUMN_TIMESTAMP, &old_timestamp, XTM_PTV_COLUMN_PID, &pid, -1);
found = (g_strcmp0 (cpu_str, "-") == 0);
g_free (cpu_str);
if (found && (timestamp - old_timestamp) > TIMESTAMP_DELTA)
if (found)
G_DEBUG_FMT ("Remove old task %d", pid);
model_remove_tree_iter (manager->model, &cur_iter);
if ((timestamp - old_timestamp) > TIMESTAMP_DELTA) {
G_DEBUG_FMT ("Remove old task %d", pid);
model_remove_tree_iter (manager->model, &cur_iter);
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