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    • Jerome Guelfucci's avatar
      2009-04-09 jeromeg · a5847e91
      Jerome Guelfucci authored
        Reorganise the code.
        * lib/screenshooter-global.h: put global structures and enumerations
        * lib/screenshooter-capture.{c,h}: move the code for capturing windows
          and rectangular areas here.
        * lib/*.{c,h}: modify the old files to use those new ones.
        * lib/Makefile.am: add the new files to the source files.
        * Update the NEWS file.
      2009-04-09 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c: try to fix bug #5204 where the cursor
          was not displayed at the correct location.
      2009-03-30 jeromeg
        * CONTRIBUTORS: update the contributors list.
        * NEWS: update the news file.
      2009-03-30 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (cb_progress_upload):
          - show the number of transferred Kb and the number of total
            Kb instead of displaying the number of remaining bytes.
      2009-03-27 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - remove some unused variables.
          - reduce the spacing between the two top columns.
          - Remove the ":" in the "After capturing:" label.
          - correctly set the spacing of the 'After capturing' section.
      2009-03-26 jeromeg
        New improved interface.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}: add a close item to the
          ScreenshotData structure. Allows the user to choose between
          closing the application and taking another screenshot.
        * src/main.c (cb_dialog_response): implement the close stuff.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: Rewrite most of the interface.
          - use tables to align the widgets.
          - use a two column layout.
          - add an option to close/ don't close the application after
            taking a screenshot.
      2009-03-20 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (save_screenshot_to_remote_location):
          - simplify the function.
          - add a label saying what is happening and saying where the
            screenshot is being uploaded.
      2009-03-20 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: add a lot of missing prototypes.
      2009-03-20 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: (screenshooter_dialog_new) only
          set the show mouse checkbox as sensitive if "select a region"
          is not checked.   
      2009-03-19 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (get_rectangle_screenshot) use a dotted rectangle, with a 2px
            wide border.
          - (screenshooter_open_screenshot) simplify the function.
          - (screenshooter_get_home_uri) use g_getenv and g_get_homedir.
      2009-03-15 jeromeg
        * Add the Italian documentation.
      2009-03-14 jeromeg
        Fix most of the issues introduced by the previous commit.
        Gthread-2.0 >= 2.6.0 is now required.
        * configure.ac.in, src/main.c, src/Makefile.am,
          panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c, panel-plugin/Makefile.am:
          add a dependence on gthread and initialize the threads at startup.
        * TODO: updated.
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: use the URI of the temporary directory
          and not its path, fixes the open with mode.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (cb_progress_upload) add the remaining number of bytes to the
            progress bar.
          - (cb_finished_upload) add some debugging information.
          - (save_screenshot_to_local_path) return the save location.
          - (save_screenshot_to_remote_location):
             + tweak the layout of the progress dialog.
             + run the dialog AFTER starting the copy so that it does not block
             + delete the temp file after the transfer.
          - (save_screenshot_to) return the save location when saving to a
            local destination.
          - (screenshooter_save_screenshot):
             + destroy the dialog as early as possible so that it does not
               block the main loop.
             + fix the open with mode here too.
        * autogen.sh: use git svn instead of git svn.
      2009-03-12 jeromeg
        Port the saving of screenshots to GIO. Some things still need to be
        polished. Some things might be broken, like opening a screenshot with
        an application.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}:
          - (screenshooter_get_home_uri) simplify the function.
          - (screenshooter_is_remote_uri) new function to detect remote uris.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (cb_progress_upload) new function to set the progress bar of the
            transfer dialog.
          - (cb_finished_upload) new function to report errors that could have
            occurred during the transfer and to close the transfer dialog when
            we are done.
          - (cb_transfer_dialog_response) new function to allow a transfer to
            be cancelled.
          - (save_screenshot_to_local_path) new function to save a screenshot
            to a local path.
          - (save_screenshot_to_remote_location) new function to save a screenshot
            to a remote place. It saves the screenshot to the temporary directory
            and copies it to the remote location. A dialog shows the progress of
            the transfer and offers to cancel it.
          - (save_screenshot_to) new function to choose between one of the two
            above save functions.
          - (screenshooter_save_screenshot) rework the function to use the
            functions listed above.
      2009-03-09 jeromeg
        Start porting the application to GIO. From now on,
        sd->screenshot_dir is an URI to the save directory.
        * src/main.c (main):
          - don't do anything before gtk is initialized.
          - use a GFile for the default save directory.
          - fallback to the home URI if the directory stored in preferences
            does not exist anymore.
          - use GIO for the command line argument.
          - use xfce_err to show an error instead of g_error.
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: fallback to the home URI.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (screenshooter_read_rc_file) fallback to the home URI.
          - (screenshooter_get_home_uri) new function to get the URI of the
            home folder.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.h: add he prototype of the new function.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) use uris in the gtk file chooser.
          - (screenshooter_save_screenshot) use uris in the gtk file chooser.
          - (cb_default_folder) get the uri instead of the file name.
          - (generate_filename_for_uri) use GFiles instead of plain paths.
      2009-03-08 jeromeg
        Patch from Mike Massonnet.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (screenshooter_dialog_new):
          - use "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons to make the layout cleaner.
          - do not display a separator to be consistent with other goodies.
          - improve the label of the mouse check box.
          - add a subtitile for the dialog.
          - the dialog does not need to be resizable, widgets are not resized
          - tweak the spacing of the delay spin button box.
      2009-03-08 jeromeg
        Now, when taking a region screenshot, the Escape key cancels everything.
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: don't do anything if the screenshot is
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - include the keysim header.
          - (get_rectangle_screenshot):
            + grab the keyboard.
            + cancel the screenshot if escape is pressed.
            + return NULL if the screenshot was cancelled.
      2009-03-08 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (screenshooter_dialog_new): add some
          padding for the new check box to separate it from the radio button
      2009-03-08 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) Add a check box to show/hide the mouse
            pointer on screenshots.
          - (cb_show_mouse_toggled) Add the callback for this new check box.
      2009-03-08 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (screenshooter_dialog_new):
          - try to make the UI a bit more intuitive by putting the directory
            chooser on the same line as the radio button and by saying
            in the save checkbox that it is possible to have no save dialog
          - Rename the "Take the screenshot" button to "Take" to decrease
            the width of the dialog.
      2009-03-07 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: (screenshooter_dialog_new) make
          the dialog more compact by removing the "Applications" label
          and putting the combobox on the same line as the radio button.
      2009-03-07 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: add a CLI option not to capture the mouse pointer.
      2009-03-05 jeromeg
        * Fix a build problem caused by the bumping of the dependencies.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (get_window_screenshot) add an argument to make the mouse capture optional.
          - (screenshooter_take_screenshot) ditto
          - read and save show_mouse in the configuration file.
          - update the prototypes.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.h:
          - add a show_mouse item to the ScreenshotData structure.
          - update a prototype.
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: use the new functions arguments. 
      2009-02-26 jeromeg
        * Bump gtk required to 2.12.
        * Bump glib required version to 2.16.
        * Remove all previous ifdef.
        === 1.5.1 ===
      2009-02-25 jeromeg
        * Last minute bug fixes:
          - plug a remaining leak.
          - clean up the actions file.
          - fix the hide option.
      2009-02-25 jeromeg
        * Bump the version number.
        * Update NEWS.
        * Update TODO.
      2009-02-25 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (get_window_screenshot) also grab the mouse pointer.
          - add some additional debugging information.
      2009-02-22 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          (set_default_item) do not look up for a default item if the tree is empty.
      2009-02-22 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c: add some additionnal debugging information.
      2009-02-22 jeromeg
        * panel-plugin/: add some debugging information for the plugin.
      2009-02-15 jeromeg
        * docs/, po-docs/, po/: add Japanese documentation and update the
          Japanese translation. (Hashimoto Masato)
      2009-02-15 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: correctly set the active folder in the
          file chooser, this is useful when using the -s cli option. Patch by
          Enrico Tröger.
      2009-02-08 jeromeg
        * configure.ac.in: add maintainer information about xml2po and
      2009-02-08 jeromeg
        * docs/, po-doc, configure.ac.in: add French documentation.
      2009-02-07 jeromeg
        * docs, po-doc: implement a docbook based help file which is now
          translatable through po files. Some bits are still missing.
        * src/xfce4-screenshooter.desktop.in.in: don't use a verb in the title.
      2009-02-03 jeromeg
        * NEWS: updated.
      2009-02-03 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: try to fix build without GIO.
      2009-02-01 jeromeg
        * src/main.c:
          - don't display the window again after taking a screenshot, this can
            be annoying and/or surprising.
          - remove a lot of unneeded white spaces.
      2009-01-22 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: fix a bug which dispalyed the header of the po files
          when using --help on OpenBSD.
        * po/: update po files, no string changes though.
      2009-01-18 jeromeg
        * configure.ac.in: post release bump, add svn tag.
        === 1.5.0 ===
      2009-01-18 jeromeg
        * configure.ac.in: fix a typo in the version number.
      2009-01-18 jeromeg
        * NEWS: set version.
        * configure.ac.in: get ready for a new release.
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: bump version.
      2009-01-13 jeromeg
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - (screenshooter_plugin_read_rc_file) plug a leak.
          - (screenshooter_plugin_write_rc_file) plug a leak.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2009-01-13 jeromeg
        * Update NEWS and TODO.
      2009-01-13 jeromeg
        Thanks to Jannis and Stephan for the C lesson!
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: (generate_filename_for_uri) rewritten
          to avoid a memory leak on each step of the loop.
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: remove two memory leaks.
        * src/xfce4-screenshooter.desktop.in.in,
          panel-plugin/screenshooter.desktop.in.in: Fix a typo in the comment,
          thanks to Per Kongstad (p_kongstad@op.pl).
        * Set svn:ignore properties correctly.
        * configure.ac.in: improve the autotools stuff and print the debug
          level when printing the configuration.
        * Don't use -Werror.
        * NEWS: updated.
        * TODO: updated.
        * doc/id: add Indonesian documentation by Andhika Padmawan.
        * doc/fr, doc/C: fix the markup of a title in xfce4-screenshooter.html
        * configure.ac.in:
          - add id doc.
          - set version number for next release.
        * Improve the compiler flags set.
        * configure.ac.in:
          - use @LINGUAS@ instead of copying things from po/LINGUAS manually.
          - set debugging as full for svn snapshots.
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c: directly use button instead of
        * Post release bump.
        * Fix two compiler warnings.
        === 1.4.90 ===
        * Get ready for 1.4.90:
          - set version name
          - update changelog
          - bump xfce4-panel dependecy to 4.4
          - update README with the new website
          - update copyrights for new year
          - remove -Werror warning
      2008-12-29 jeromeg
        * Rename the application to xfce4 screenshooter in all places.
      2008-12-29 jeromeg
        * README: updated.
      2008-12-29 jeromeg
        * Fix bug 4748:
          - remove (cb_current_folder_changed).
          - don't connect the signal in (screenshooter_save_screenshot).
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-12-28 jeromeg
        * Fix a bunch of compilation warnings.
      2008-12-28 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (screenshooter_dialog_new): improve a
      2008-12-28 jeromeg
        * Rename "mode" into "region" and "RECTANGLE" into "SELECT".
      2008-12-28 jeromeg
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-12-28 jeromeg
        * src/main.c:
          - only read the preferences file once when using the application.
          - check if the directory name stored in the preferences still exists
            before trying to use it.
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: set home as the default folder for the
          file chooser, only use sd->screenshot_dir when we don't show the
          save dialog. This should be more transparent for the user.
      2008-12-20 jeromeg
        * NEWS: updated.
        * doc/C: improve some details.
      2008-12-20 jeromeg
        * doc/{C,fr}/xfce4-screenshooter.html: update and improve the doc.
      2008-12-20 jeromeg
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: update the manpage.
        * doc/C/xfce4-screenshooter.html: add the new CLI options to the
      2008-12-20 jeromeg
        * src/main.c:
          - add a CLI option to open the screenshot with an application.
          - add a CLI option to take the screenshot of a region.
          - set a warning string as translatable.
          - update the description of the CLI options.
          - use screenshooter_take_and_output_screenshot
      2008-12-20 jeromeg
        * src/main.c (cb_dialog_response): only sleep one second if mode is not
          rectangular selection.
      2008-12-20 jeromeg
        * doc/C/images: update the screenshot.
        * doc/C/xfce4-screenshooter.html:
          - update with the new options
          - apply a patch by David Mohr to improve some parts.
      2008-12-16 jeromeg
        * Forgot to update the tooltip for the panel button...
      2008-12-16 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (screenshooter_dialog_new):
          - improve the tooltip for the "Select a region"
          - split strings so that they are not too long, makes the code easier
            to read.
        * po/: update-po.
      2008-12-15 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (cb_fullscreen_screen_toggled) remove some obsolete code.
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) mark "Application:" as translatable.
      2008-12-14 jeromeg
        * CONTRIBUTORS: updated.
        * TODO: add some items.
      2008-12-14 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c: (get_window_screenshot) don't crash when
          we are in active window mode and NULL is returned as the active
          window. The root window should not be unrefed !
      2008-12-13 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: change a few strings.
        * Update the desktop files.
        * po/: update po.
      2008-12-13 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}: add RECTANGLE mode, based on David
          Collins patch.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: update the dialog for the new mode,
          patch by David Collins.
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c: update the tooltips for the new
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-12-12 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: change a string and add a subtitle for
          the preferences dialog of the plugin.
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter.desktop.in.in: change the name of the
          desktop file.
      2008-12-07 jeromeg
        * doc/: improve the English and the French documentation.
      2008-12-07 jeromeg
        * doc/C/: first try for the english doc completed.
      2008-12-06 jeromeg
        * doc/C/: Start english documentation
      2008-12-06 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: add help button to the dialog.
        * src/main.c: rework the managing of the dialog response and a support
          for the help button.
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c: add support for help button.
      2008-12-06 jeromeg
        * doc/fr/: update the french translation.
      2008-12-06 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: improve a few strings.
      2008-12-05 jeromeg
        * doc/fr/xfce4-screenshooter.html: add the CLI options and the panel
          plugin stuff.
      2008-12-05 jeromeg
        * Add the autotools stuff to install the documentation.
      2008-12-05 jeromeg
        * po/fr.po: update French translation.
        * doc/: initial draft of documentation.
      2008-12-04 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - remove all X code, in particular find_toplevel_window. Instead,
            use a combination of gdk_window_get_toplevel and
            gdk_window_get_frame_extents. This should fix some remaining
            crashes with "BadWindow" error.
          - detect the area to screenshot after the delay, rather than before.
        * src/main.c: add a comment.
        * configure.ac.in: remove x11proto-core build dependency.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-12-03 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: ifdef the tooltips stuff, because it's
          only available with gtk 2.12.
      2008-12-01 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - indent the code correctly.
          - add some more detailed comments.
          - show an error dialog when saving the screenshot failed.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-12-01 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c: use a custom button instead of the
          stock ok button to be more precise on the action of this button.
      2008-12-01 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: fix the saving of preferences when no screenshot has
          been taken, the code to determine the save location remained in an
          incorrect place.
      2008-12-01 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: check for GTK_RESPONSE_OK instead of something !=
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (set_default_item) set first item as active if no item was found,
          change the prototype.
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) use the new set_default_item, don't set
          the first item as active without updating sd->app. Fixes the opening
          of screenshots with the first item of the combobox.
      2008-12-01 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: Show the dialog again after taking a screenshot, the
          application is exited when the user presses the Cancel Button.
      2008-11-30 jeromeg
        * Make a few strings consistent.
      2008-11-30 jeromeg
        * Update NEWS file.
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: remove preferences CLI option.
      2008-11-30 jeromeg
        * src/main.c:
          - remove preferences CLI option , the application can set the
            default save folder now.
          - fix the rc file mess. Use xfce_resource_lookup and
            xfce_resource_save_location so that folders get created if they
            don't exist. Thanks to Nick Schermer for helping.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}:
          - remove the dir_only option in (screenshooter_read_rc_file).
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.{c,h}:
          - remove (screenshooter_preferences_dialog).
          - don't hardcode "/tmp", use g_get_tmp_dir () instead.
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - use new syntax for screenshooter_read_rc_file.
      2008-11-28 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (cb_show_save_dialog_toggled) set show_save_dialog correctly.
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) initiate the checkbox correctly.
      2008-11-28 jeromeg
        * Fix the ChangeLog encoding.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - remove a prototype that was not used.
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new):
            + add some tooltips.
            + also show the save box for the application.
            + fix the default state of some widgets as suggested by David
      2008-11-25 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - merge the save checkbox and the default save location filechooser
          to a single line.
          - remove some unused variables.
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c: update the tooltips.
      2008-11-25 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - improve the dialog.
          - improve some strings.
      2008-11-25 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - set icon size to 16 for the combobox.
          - add (cb_save_toggled_sensi) to set to items insensitive
            when not toggled. Add callback using this function.
          - improve indentation.
          - improve the paddings of the layout a little bit.
          - put the default save location before the checkbox.
          - select the first item of the combobox when creating it.
      2008-11-24 jeromeg
          - create a contributors list.
          - add David Collins.
      2008-11-24 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - re-add "none" application, fixes the segfault in the plugin
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (screenshooter_dialog_new):
          - add a "Application:" label.
          - Improve the layout.
          - the "Default save location" label should not be bold.
      2008-11-23 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.c: fix Open with mode.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - Start to rewrite the dialog code on the basis of a patch by David
          - Remove frames.
          - Add alignments.
          - Add copy to clipboard function.
          - The layout still needs to be tweaked.
          - The dialog for the plugin crashes at the moment, I'll fix this
      2008-11-22 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}:
          - fix includes
          - cleanup prototypes
          - (screenshooter_copy_to_clipboard) Partially apply a patch by
            David Collins to add copying to clipboard possibility.
          - add post screenshot actions in the ScreenshotData struct, in
            (screenshooter_read_rc_file) and in (screenshooter_write_rc_file)
            (Patch by David Collins).
          - remove all references to "none" application.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.{c,h}:
          - remove all references to none application.
          - remove (cb_combo_active_item_set_sensitive).
          - remove "none" item from (add_item).
        * lib/screenshooter-actions.{c,h}:
          - added to manage post screenshot actions.
        * lib/Mafile.am: add new source files.
        * lib/libscreenshooter.h: include screenshooter-actions.h.
        * src/main.c, panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - use (screenshooter_take_and_output_screenshot).
      2008-11-16 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c, lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c
          - update some code comments.
          - move (screenshooter_save_screenshot) to the dialogs file.
          - move (generate_filename_for_uri) and the callbacks to the dialogs
      2008-11-16 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - fix indentation in some places.
          - Update the code comments.
          - (get_active_window) move the active window detection here.
          - (get_window_screenshot) move the screenshot grabbing of windows
          - (screenshooter_take_screenshot) use the two functions above.
      2008-11-15 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (screenshooter_take_screenshot) Use gnome-screenshot technic,
            grab the screenshot on the root window, to also take things such
            as menus.
      2008-11-15 jeromeg
        * po/: update-po.
      2008-11-15 jeromeg
        * Review strings in desktop files and source files.
        * Add -Werror again.
        * src/main.c: Use "V" for version, instead of "v".
        * configure.ac.in: set version to
      2008-11-15 jeromeg
        * Post release bump.
      === Version 1.4.0 ===
      2008-11-15 jeromeg
        * Get ready for 1.4.0 release.
      2008-11-15 jeromeg
        * configure.ac.in: bump version.
        * src/Makefile.am, lib/Makefile.am, panel-plugin/Makefile.am:
          - Remove -Werror.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) fix build with --disable-maintainer-mode.
        === ===
      2008-11-14 jeromeg
        * Prepare another release candidate...
      2008-11-14 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c: fix build on some configurations.
      2008-11-13 jeromeg
        * Post release bump
        === ===
      2008-11-13 jeromeg
        * src/main.c:
          - (main) destroy the widget instead of hiding it.
          - (main) set the dialog window type hint.
      2008-11-12 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c
          - (cb_combo_active_item_set_sensitive) add to make save_button insensitive
            when an application is selected.
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) add a callback to the function above, set the
            sensitiveness when creating the checkbox.
      2008-11-12 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (screenshooter_take_screenshot) rework the window grabbing to try to fix
            bug 4601.
        * src/main.c (main) try to fix 4601:
          - hide the dialog instead of destroying it.
          - sync the display before taking the screenshot.
          - ugly, wait 1 second before taking the screenshot.
      2008-11-09 jeromeg
        * Post release bump.
        * NEWS: add a missing item.
        === ===
      2008-11-09 jeromeg
        * configure.ac.in : get ready for
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: bump version number.
      2008-11-05 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c (add_item):
          - Move the detection of the icon theme out of the if-else.
          - Fallback to the "exec" icon if no icon was found for an application.
      2008-11-05 jeromeg
        * src/main.c, panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - If no application is selected to open the screenshots, show the save
            dialog as usual. If an application is selected, save the screenshot in
            /tmp without showing the save dialog, and open it with the application.
            The user will then be able to do what he wants to do with the picture, and
            to save it where he wants using the application.
          - don't leak screenshot_path when GIO is not present on the system.
        * NEWS: updated
      2008-11-05 jeromeg
        * Add svn tag.
        * Fix the version mess.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (screenshooter_read_rc_file) apply a patch by Enrico Troger to fix a
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - plug a leak in (cb_default_folder) and in (cb_combo_active_item_changed).
        === ===
      2008-11-04 jeromeg
        * Fix make distcheck.
        * Update-po.
        * Get ready for a beta release.
      2008-11-04 jeromeg
        * Make sure that all the open with stuff is ifdef'ed.
      2008-11-04 jeromeg
        * Add missing comments in the code and improve indentation in some places.
      2008-11-03 jeromeg
        * configure.ac.in: Display build options.
        * lib/screenshooter-dialog.c:
          - (cb_combo_active_item_changed) Fix prototype and do not free sd->app as it
            makes the plugin segfault.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (screenshooter_open_screenshot) Display the error with xfce_err if any.
        * src/main.c: free sd->app when exiting.
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - (free_data) free sd->app when exiting.
          - (cb_button_clicked) implement open with stuff.
        * TODO: updated.
      2008-11-03 jeromeg
        * TODO: updated.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.h: add define for default application.
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (screenshooter_read_rc_file) read the default application.
          - (screenshooter_write_rc_file) write the default application.
          - (screenshooter_open_screenshot) only open if app != "none".
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - add a define for icon size.
          - (set_default_item) added to select the correct item of the combobox when
            displaying the interface.
          - (add_item) use the icon size define.
          - (populate_liststore) add the "none" item on the top of the liststore.
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) add a call to set_default_item.
      2008-11-02 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c:
          - (cb_combo_active_item_changed) free sd->app before setting the new value.
          - (add_item) free path, unref file and icon, correctly free names.
      2008-11-01 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-dialogs.c, Implement the Open with stuff:
          - add (cb_combo_active_item_changed), (add_item) and (populate_liststore)
            to manage the combobox stuff.
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new): add the combobox and set signals.
        * Only build the open with stuff if gio is available.
      2008-10-28 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}:
          - modify (screenshooter_save_screenshot) so that it returns the save
          - start implementing (screenshooter_open_screenshot) to open screenshots
            with a given application.
        * src/main.c:
          - if an application has been chosen, open the screenshot after taking it.
      2008-10-28 jeromeg
        * lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}: add the "screenshooter_" prefix before
          (take_screenshot) and (save_screenshot).
        * src/main.c: use the new function names in (main).
        * panel-plugin/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - use new function names.
          - add a missing prototype.
          - clean the indentation of prototypes.
          - add a "cb_" before all callback functions names.
          - use a "screenshooter_plugin_" prefix for other functions.
      2008-10-28 jeromeg
        * src/xfce4-screenshooter.desktop.in.in: change the item name.
        * po/:
          - update-po.
          - update French translation.
      2008-10-22 jeromeg
        * Reorganisation of the code structure:
          - move the generic code to /lib
          - move the panel stuff to /panel-plugin/
          - keep the main application in /src
        * /lib/screenshooter-utils.{c,h} :
          - move the preferences file stuff here.
        * /src/main.c: save the button's state and load it on startup.
      2008-10-18 jeromeg
        * src/Makefile.am: install desktop file for the main application.
        * src/xfce4-screenshooter.desktop.in.in: desktop file for main application.
      2008-10-15 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: destroy the dialog before taking the screenshot of the active
          window, we don't want to get a screenshot of the dialog...
        * src/screenshooter-dialogs.c: don't show the save options and the default
          folder chooser for the main application.
        * src/screenshooter-utils.c: don't leak GdkWindows when falling back to
      2008-10-12 jeromeg
        * src/screenshooter-dialogs.{c,h}
          - (screenshooter_dialog_new) Add an argument to create the preferences
            dialog for the plugin.
          - add prototypes for internal functions.
        * src/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - (screenshot_properties_dialog) Use the code from screenshooter-dialogs.c.
          - remove all the obsolete callbacks.
        * src/main.c:
          - (main) Use new arguments for screenshooter_dialog_new.
          - (main) Don't declare variables in the middle of a block.
        * src/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}: fix various indentation incoherences.
        * src/Makefile.am:
          - Add screenshooter-dialogs.{c,h} to the plugin source.
      2008-10-12 jeromeg
        * src/screenshooter-dialogs.{c,h}:
          - new file to handle the different dialogs.
        * src/main.c:
          - include screenshooter-dialogs.h
          - (main) move the dialog for the preferred directory to
          - (main) if no CLI option is given, show a dialog to set options and take a
        * src/screenshooter-plugin.c: fix indentation of a function.
        * configure.ac.in:
          - hardcode the dependence on libxfcegui4.
          - add japanese to the list of translations.
        * src/Makefile.am: add libxfcegui4 flags.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-10-05 jeromeg
        * NEWS: updated.
        * src/main.c: add a fullscreen CLI option, the goal is to provide an interface
          to take a screenshot with chosen option when calling the executable without
          any cli options.
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: add new CLI option.
      2008-10-05 jeromeg
        * NEWS: updated and fixed identation.
        * configure.ac.in: added the new translations.
      2008-10-05 jeromeg
        * Plug some leaks detected by Gauvain Pocentek:
          - src/main.c: in (main), free sd->screenshot_dir before setting the new
            value from command line.
          - src/screenshooter-utils.c: in (save_screenshot), free filename before
            getting the user set filename.
      2008-10-04 jeromeg
        * Partially refactor the code:
          - screenshooter-utils.{c,h}:
            - simplify some variable names.
            - use an enum for screenshot modes.
            - (take_screenshot) and (save_screenshot) do not depend anymore on the
          - main.c:
            - updated to use the new functions and structs' variables.
            - move some code from (main) to (screenshooter_preferences_dialog).
          - screenshooter-plugin.c:
            - updated to use the new functions and structs' variables.
            - use cb_ callbacks names rather than funky ones.
      2008-10-02 jeromeg
        * src/screenshooter-utils.c: in (take_screenshot), don't crash when taking a
        screenshot of of the desktop when xfdesktop does not display desktop icons,
        null pointer...
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-09-20 jeromeg
        * src/main.c:
          - (main) plug some leaks with the dir and screenshot_dir.
          - (main) don't use screenshot_dir to store the dirname, it should be done
            with sd->screenshot_dir.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-09-19 jeromeg
        * icons/*: add some default icons for the applet taken from the Rodent icon
        * configure.ac.in: updated to generate makefiles for icons.
        * AUTHORS: add credit to the Rodent icon theme, not sure it's the right place
          to do so, but it's better than nothing.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-09-14 jeromeg
        * src/{main.c, screenshooter-utils.c}: Use applets-screenshooter icon for
          preferences dialog and save dialog.
        * NEWS : updated.
      2008-08-23 jeromeg
        * configure.ac.in: post release bump.
      2008-08-23 jeromeg
        === 1.3.2 ===
        * src/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - (cb_current_folder_changed): new function to update the filename.
          - (save_screenshot): updated to use cb_current_folder_changed.
        * NEWS: updated.
        * configure.ac.in: get ready for new release.
      2008-08-19 jeromeg
        * src/*: use a #define to set the default save directory.
      2008-08-19 jeromeg
        * src/*:
          - comment all code
          - clean identation
          - plug some leaks of GdkPixbuf.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-08-16 jeromeg
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: bump version for future release.
        * configure.ac.in: ditto.
        * src/Makefile.am: build with -Werror
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-08-16 jeromeg
        * src/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - do not g_free screenshot_dir when reading conf file, as we need it after.
          - improve identation.
      2008-08-16 jeromeg
        * src/screenshooter-utils.c:
          - ported to use mostly gdk functions.
          - BUGFIX: when the active window is the desktop, instead of returning a
            corrupted snapshot of the background image, return the whole desktop view.
          - drop get_window_property and screenshot_find_active_window which are now
          - improve indentation of code.
        * src/screenshooter-utils.h:
          - remove some useless #includes.
        * configure.ac.in: add svn tag that I had forgotten.
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-08-15 jeromeg
        * src/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - improve indentation.
          - use tooltips if gtk >= 2.12
        * NEWS: updated.
      2008-08-15 jeromeg
        * src/*: plug a LOT of stupid leaks !
      2008-07-17 jeromeg
        === 1.3.1 ===
        * NEWS: updated.
        * configure.ac.in: get ready for new realease.
      2008-07-16 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: g_build_filename should be NULL terminated ! Fixes the warning.
      2008-07-16 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: partially fix -s switch when using relative path. An obscure
          warning "Error stating file..." is still shown but it should work fine.
      2008-07-15 jeromeg
        * src/main.c: revert one of the last change which does not work.
      2008-07-15 jeromeg
        === 1.3.0 ===
        * NEWS, README: updated.
        * configure.ac.in: get ready for new release.
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: update version.
      2008-07-11 jeromeg
        * src/main.c:
          - add a CLI option to set the directory where screenshots are saved.
          - add a CLI option and a rc file to save a default save folder using a dialog.
        * src/screenshooter-utils.c: do not show full filename in save dialog.
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: update manpage for the new CLI options.
      2008-07-09 jeromeg
        * src/*: remove obsolete copyrights.
        * src/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}:
          - move the ScreenshotData structure here.
          - port take_screenshot to use ScreenshotData.
          - write a generic save_screenshot function using ScreenshotData.
          - BUGFIX: generate_filename_for_uri now outputs the whole filename with
          its base. Fixes saving of screenshots without showing the save dialog.
        * src/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - ported to use the new code.
          - remove some obsolete code.
        * main.c:
          - port code to use ScreenshotData.
          - add a CLI option to save screenshots without showing a save dialog.
        * autogen.sh, configure.ac.in: remove some useless things, update a few others.
        * xfce4-screenshooter.1: update manpage for the new CLI option.
        * screenshooter.desktop.in.in: remove deprecated encoding key.
      2008-07-08 jeromeg
        * src/screenshooter-plugin.c:
          - separate screenshot data and plugin data.
          - port code to use the two different structures.
          - fix some resulting crashes.
      2008-07-05 jeromeg
      	* src/*, po/POTFILES.in: bugfix, make filename translatable.
      2008-06-29 jeromeg
      	* src/screenshooter-plugin.c:
      	  - set better var names
      	  - fix indentation
      	  - partially comment the code
      2008-06-27 jeromeg
       === 1.2.0 ===
        * NEWS, README: updated for new release.
        * configure.ac: remove svn tag, fix the manpage stuff to have make distcheck
      2008-06-27 jeromeg
      	* src/Makefile.am: enable -Wall
      	* src/{main.c, screenshooter-utils.{c,h}}: fix gcc warnings except one...
      	* BUGFIX: fix infinite loop in generate_filename_for_uri !
      2008-06-27 jeromeg
      	* src/screenshooter-utils.c: clean generate_filename_for_uri using g_access.
      2008-06-20 09:19 jeromeg
      	* NEWS: updated.
      2008-06-20 08:59 jeromeg
      	* src/screenshooter-plugin.c: make labels bold and
      	  aligned to the left.
      	* po/:
      	  - make update-po.
      	  - update French translation.
      2008-06-19 19:30 jeromeg
      	* src/screenshooter-plugin.c:
      	  - add a default save location to the preferences dialog.
      	  - update the code to use this new default.
      	* src/main.c: save screenshots in home by default.
      	* po/: make update-po.
      2008-06-19 16:46 jeromeg
      	* po/:
      	  - make update-po.
      	  - updated French translation.
      2008-06-19 15:09 jeromeg
      	* src/screenshooter-plugin.c:
      	  - rewrite the preferences dialog
      	  - change default delay to 0.
      2008-06-18 18:12 jeromeg
      	* src/screenshooter-plugin.c: remove some code that seems to
      	  be useless.
      	* NEWS: updated.
      2008-06-18 17:08 jeromeg
      	* src/xfce4-screenshooter.1: add manpage (thanks to Debian).
      	* Makefile.am: install the manpage.
      2008-06-17 21:50 jeromeg
      	* src/screenshooter-utils.h: add unistd.h include to fix build
      	  with gcc-4.3 (thanks to Lionel Le Folgoc).
      2008-06-17 12:37 jeromeg
      	* NEWS: update for new release.
      	* configure.ac.in: remove svn tag.
      2008-06-17 11:52 jeromeg
      	* COPYING: added the GPL2 text.
      	* autogen.sh, configure.ac.in:
      	  - added some magic of sarts to have the svn versions generated.
      	  - cleaned the versions stuff
      2008-06-10 09:17 jeromeg
      	* po/: update po files.
      	* src/screenshooter.c: improve a string.
      2008-06-08 00:15 jeromeg
      	* src/main.c: Add an executable with cli options to take
      	  screenshots, thanks to Ristretto for the nice example !
      	* Modify autotools, makefiles and locale files to
      	  build it, thanks to Gauvain Pocentek.
      	* src/screenshooter-utils.h: Add some headers to fix build warnings.
      	* README: update with executable cli options
      	* NEWS: update
      2008-06-06 19:19 jeromeg
      	* Move the code to a src/ folder and remove the panel-plugin one.
      	* src/screenshooter-utils.{c,h}: moved generic code here.
      	* src/screenshooter.c: updated to use the generic code.
      	* Update the makefiles and autotools to use new code structure.
      2008-06-06 15:35 jeromeg
      	* panel-plugin/screenshooter.c:
      	  - remove deprecated function.
      	  - set button sensitive at the end of the screenshot procedure.
      2008-06-06 15:19 jeromeg
      	* panel-plugin/screenshooter.c:
      	  - new behaviour (fullscreen or active window screenshot).
      	  - fix delay
      	  - fix file saving (cancel now works, based on debian patch).
      	  - button made insensitive while screenshot is taken.
      	* configure.ac: added x11-proto-core to build deps.
      	* README: updated.
      2008-05-18 18:25 mmassonnet
      	* Fix GCC warnings and bug with delay (Patch from Jerome Guelfucci)
      	* Drop automated file INSTALL
      2007-06-06 23:00 dbl
      	* Fallback to Screenshot.png on "Cancel" (debbug#420242)
      2006-09-11 18:51 nick
      	* Apply Patch from Enrico Troger to enable i18n.
      (Old svn revision: 7162)