Commit f2228cc6 authored by raveit65's avatar raveit65

release 1.19.1

parent 59e6433c
### mate-screensaver 1.19.0
* Translations update
* Fix: idle slider display in all languages
* drop glib required max version
* avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_width/height
* don't use deprecated gtk_show_uri
* Restore Polish translation credits from GNOME
* Implement OpenBSD authentication using bsd_auth(3).
* Bug Fix: g_get_real_name will never return NULL pointer
* lock-dialog UI: avoid deprecated widgets
* Bug fix: screensaver and lock screen not correctly displayed
in configurations with overlapping monitor geometries
* [GTK+3.20] Switch to GdkSeat
* Set input purpose for the password entry widget
* copy theme dialog: fix build warning about wrong variable type
### mate-screensaver 1.18.0
* NEWS: use consistent, project wide, markdown-like formatting to make
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